Knowing that Zhu Ceguo had a very unpleasant time in Beiyan Wangfu, Mu Qingfeng was very reasonable and took him to Yecheng Inn. After some washing, Zhu Ceguo finally recovered, although some were black and blue.

"Shidian, can you tell me something about Donglu?" Mu Qingfeng knows that if he wants to send troops, he must wait until the battlefield is ready.
"You north yan is not overwhelmed? How can there be extra time and energy to manage the affairs of Japan? " Zhu Ceguo would not have accepted their kindness if he hadn’t just owed them a big favor.
"The world misunderstood that we were not in from ruin, but in Beiyan. The situation was much more serious than you wanted. A few years ago, the rebellion of the green wolf clan in the grassland directly caused the whole border to be devastated. It was hard to calm down. I didn’t expect that Yan Wangfu’s guards and Liu Min actually colluded with the charm pavilion to kill the old report, which made the whole northern Xinjiang once again fall into danger. If it weren’t for the golden knife and sweat in front of the grassland, we would have to rebuild it. At this time, you and I would have to meet each other on the battlefield." Mu Qingfeng quietly blew a wave of Xuelian
Heard MuQingFeng tell Zhu Ceguo at this time just know the original Beiyan didn’t intend to send troops is really forced to make a choice, and didn’t intend to watch from the other side is misunderstood them, in that case, of course, to tell them the situation in the east, after all, they can start earlier if they know the situation earlier.
"Since you are honest with me, if you are hiding something from me, you will lose your morality. About half a year ago, the Japanese people suddenly went to have a windfall on a large scale. This time, they were very organized and moved a lot of ships and troops. They robbed us of the army of Wangfu Lu, and their horses would retreat. But this time, they actually fought with us for guarding the city. The most irritating thing is that when they were anxious with us, there must be other troops attacking in other places. Besides, they don’t stick to their guns and take a look at the bad situation. They just run away. Because of the influence of the former maritime ban, they can’t help but burn, rob, humiliate and humiliate our sisters. Every time they accidentally go to a village, they also set fire to the village home so that the villagers can go to the place where we are located in Wangfu, but there are too many people and many people starve to death on the road. Our army has also delayed its trip because of taking care of these refugees. The Japanese always beat us to it. We don’t know how long it will last. "Zhu Ceguo couldn’t help but tighten his fist
Hearing the first-hand news from Wang Shi Lu, Mu Qingfeng frowned. According to Zhu Ceguo, the war situation is now in a very erosive state. If you don’t have a good plan, I’m afraid that even if Xuanjiamen can be ten, it won’t matter to the overall situation. But if this is the case, I’m afraid there will be no Liu Wangzhu Jie who can take it one step at a time.
"Before it’s too late, please rest while you can. I want to know all about your east land in these three days, including terrain and strength. On the fourth day, we will set off immediately." Mu Qingfeng handed Zhu Ceguo a cup of green tea.
"We? You Beiyan plan to send troops to help us? Don’t you know that our king Lu is a thorn in the side of the emperor today? " Zhu Ceguo still couldn’t believe his ears.
"Ha ha Qiao, I don’t have a problem with this person, but I like to be lively. I’m afraid the green wolf clan, the Nangong Palace, the charm pavilion and even the Ling Palace all want my horse to die!" Muqingfeng shrugged his shoulders. To be honest, Muqingfeng sometimes really doesn’t please everyone.
"By the way, this time we have limited forces in Beiyan, so we can take 3,000 special soldiers to the battlefield. Don’t abandon our troops." Muqingfeng said with a smile.
"Three thousand?" Zhu Ceguo’s face is very ugly. In his opinion, 30,000 is not necessarily effective. Just 3,000 … Suddenly he thought of one thing: "3,000 … or the reinforcements in the Imperial Palace of the Military?"
"Haha, I have heard of this army in the past, so I can’t explain it too much. On the whole, the world quickly raised its body and saved it. After returning home, Liu Wang blamed us for the poor hospitality of Beiyan." Mu Qingfeng joked.
Zhu Ceguo doesn’t know what to say. He unexpectedly won the support of Beiyan in such a desperate situation. It’s really emotional to think that he scolded Mu Qingfeng for being a soft meal, and his face hurts like a fire.
"You don’t have to thank me for your kindness. If Donglu can get rid of this disaster, our Wangfu Lu will be grateful to Beiyan!" To be honest, Zhu Ceguo almost wanted to kneel down.
Muqingfeng certainly knows that at this time, there are some things that should not be simply exchanged pleasantries, and then directly left here with Xuelian’s son. What happened in the guest house just now Muqingfeng selectively forgot.
The next day, after a short communication with Muqingfeng, the grassland people set off with two fairies to solve the urgent needs of the grassland. Of course, the Northern Prince of Yan Bai sent an army to escort them out of the border, and the army came to meet them. However, after all these things, especially after Liu Liangchen’s identity was exposed, Muqingfeng denied that Nangong Jinyu dared to risk being attacked from both sides. At least from his performance in these two days, Nangong Jinyu obviously wanted to go home anyway.
At noon on the third day, Mu Qingfeng was still discussing with Zhu Ceguo what the Japanese invasion was about. Snow Lotus didn’t come together. The reason was very simple. The old princess felt sorry for herself. The daughter-in-law had to go to the battlefield again. When she greeted her this morning, she left her directly and wanted to stay with her for a while. The old princess is not young. Naturally, she wants to be with her children.
Muqingfeng found that Snow Lotus was even more pleasing to the mother princess than herself, so she didn’t do that unpleasant passerby. After lunch, she came to the inn. In Muqingfeng’s view, she didn’t wait for the Japanese to move around. She was afraid of three thousand people and ended up with the army of Wangfu Lu. Of course, there is still no clue. After all, there is no on-the-spot investigation.
Just when Mu Qingfeng and Zhu Ceguo were discussing that the door should be like an attack, a deputy armed military appeared in front of Mu Qingfeng. Just when Mu Qingfeng realized that this was the Nangong Jinyu assassin, the tall military took off his helmet and showed a hearty smile.
"Brother!" The bearer was none other than the dog who once fought in the sky.
Mu Qingfeng felt that he was about to jump for joy when he saw his brother appear in front of him. Now, the dog egg is no longer the stupid one who knows that he is behind him. Just now, the deputy armed forces revealed a Shaqi all over his body, which made Zhu Ceguo almost pull out his weapon. However, when he saw Mu Qingfeng hugging this burly man and jumping and jumping, he realized that this man was one of his own. Of course, later he learned that the dog egg was really old and didn’t match for a long time.
"Elder brother, I heard that you are here. I didn’t even take off my clothes and ran. I heard that I found three girls? And you became the king of Beiyan? Did you fight the battle of Changlin Town? And that prairie princess is really my sister-in-law? When will you get married? Do you still recognize Princess Yan as an adoptive mother? " The dog’s egg mouth is like a sluice, and the flood root can’t stop.
Mu Qingfeng is holding the dog’s egg tightly. His arm was very strong at the beginning. Now it is like a piece of steel. It can be seen that the cloud wing is really not hiding anything. Now the dog’s egg should be regarded as a first-class expert. Seeing his endless words, Mu Qingfeng knows that it is still the dog’s egg that followed his ass in this layer of solid armor.
see you again
In fact, now the dog’s egg is simply talking without giving MuQingFeng a chance to answer. Missing savings for a long time has caused the dog’s egg to become a little mother-in-law like man of iron. MuQingFeng looked at his brother and couldn’t help laughing. After seeing his brother laugh, the dog’s egg stopped asking questions and then laughed. Seeing that Zhu Ceguo was confused, MuQingFeng also knew that if the dog’s egg kept silent, it would be his own.
"Elder brother you that have to eat? I just came in such a hurry that I didn’t even eat Bai Dage’s invitation-only dinner for us. Now I’m a little hungry and my strength is almost gone, "said the dog egg with some embarrassment."
Mu Qingfeng and Zhu Ceguo looked at the door that was destroyed by Juli. This is also called strength. Then after eating, the dog’s eggs will have a divine power. It seems that Cangshan strength really deserves its name.
"I’m sorry, I was so excited that I didn’t pay attention to this door, but the quality of your Yecheng Inn is a little poor. I swear it’s just a gentle push." Seeing that everyone’s eyes are entangled in the door, the dog egg is a little embarrassed to scratch his head
"Okay, okay, don’t worry about this little thing. Your brother, my brand is here, and there is still a little bit to turn around and let you Bai Dage send the money. It’s just that we have finished talking about sending troops. Now we can probably catch the invitation-only banquet when we return to Yan Wangfu." Muqingfeng intends to go back and eat and drink.
It’s somewhat unnatural to hear that Zhu Ceguo’s face is going back to Yan Wangfu. After all, it’s a bit awkward for him to go back like this a few days ago.
"Don’t worry, my eldest brother is not such an unreasonable person. After all, he is the North Yan Lord. If you want to borrow soldiers, you must meet him. Let’s go." Muqingfeng certainly knew that Zhu Ceguo hesitated and took Zhu Ceguo and walked out together.
In the process of traveling on the road, the dog egg accidentally found that his brother almost never moved his right hand. In his impression, his brother was not left-handed. Curious dog egg could not help but ask, "What happened to your arm, brother?" How come you have hardly practiced hard with Li Daochang for so long? Don’t lie to me. I am a master now. I felt it when you pulled me just now. "
"Some past events are just not much to say. I’m afraid your brother and master have no fate in this generation." Muqingfeng is very concerned about this matter. After all, with Xuelian, he has nothing to complain about. Even if time goes back and goes back to that cliff, Muqingfeng will still make the same choice.
"Don’t worry, brother, this is not me. When you catch wild animals, you are responsible for arranging the location. I am responsible for contributing three girls to eat. Now that I have grown up, business is still the same. By the way, I heard that you found three girls? How is she doing now? " Dog egg while driving a horse skillfully asked again.
"She’s not bad, but she’s got some injuries while walking in the Jianghu in recent years. My master took her to Wanchun Valley for treatment. It’s no big deal. Her adventures are not less than yours. She’s also a master now." Mu Qingfeng said lightly because he was afraid that the dog would know too much and was worried about avoiding weight.
"That would be interesting. When I see her again, I’m going to have a good competition with her and calculate my childhood accounts. Who let her always bully me with her parents’ ferocity?" The dog egg smiled heartlessly.