"Because I am a trainee god."

Li Jun "…"
Okay, do you have any questions? If not, please choose the world you are going to!
I want to ask if my plane stopped when you pulled me in. I don’t want to go back without finding my body.
Don’t worry about this, even if I am a trainee Lord God, I also have this ability. Don’t worry! When you have reward points to redeem, you are still you. Not only that, you can also draw blood and bring it back to the real world.
Call Li Junsong a sigh of relief. "This is good."
"Well, please choose to go to the second dimension."
"I choose the second random delivery," said Li Jun.
Whoosh Li Jungang said and instantly saw a white light beam falling from the sky, and then his eyes fell into darkness
Chapter 1 I’m Chirabi
Leiguo; This is a country surrounded by many towering peaks. Because of its high terrain, if someone wants to thunder the country, you can hear the thunder in the roundabout ear anytime and anywhere.
Because there are many hot spring areas in the country, plus all kinds of mountain wonders, no matter how you look at it, you think it is a travel and holiday destination.
If someone looks at the high mountain peaks, they can see that amazing spectacle, which is a natural spectacle when the rivers in the central mountain range flow into various tortuous terrain and finally flow into Haikou, especially at sunrise and sunset, which is even more beautiful and shocking.
And the storytelling will begin in this country.
The time table of Huoying World shows the thirty-two-year location of Konoha in a residential building in Yunyin Village, Leiguo. A boy with white hair is muttering to himself.
"I didn’t expect that I was the first to enter the world, but I was the most familiar with the world of Huo Ying, and I became the tail of the original work, Chilabi, but this main line seems a bit tricky!"
Li Jun’s "no" should be said to be Chirabi now. At this time, Chirabi is looking at the one in his mind that makes people feel painful.
Half-finished leg force of branch line
The main line saves the third generation of thunder shadow in the dead battlefield (how can a man die like this! So go and protect him.
It’s easy to protect the third generation of Thundershadow in the main line according to the original works. Of course, before that, he was strong enough, or even if he knew that the third generation of Thundershadow would die, he would be able to endure the third world war. However, at the thought of not seeing the protagonist of Naruto, he was puzzled for a moment that he finally came to the world of Naruto and could not see the protagonist. What is this?
If you don’t want to, it’s king to try to be strong. He doesn’t want to die in the first world. After all, Naruto is also a dangerous super-high level. Although Kirby can live to the finale, it didn’t save the three generations of Thundershadow, and he is different.
Forget it, let’s see what’s in the mysterious gift package. Don’t wash rice cents! Otherwise, people will really die!
"whether to open the mysterious gift package"
Almost immediately, Kirby confirmed that a sound like nature suddenly sounded, "Congratulations on getting the fruit of natural thunder, an auxiliary ability to read minds."
After shouting "Yeah", Chilabihao ate the demon fruit without hesitation.
That’s the fruit of natural demons! Immortal mode is awesome. Now, after eating this thunder fruit, grandpa is immortal mode anytime and anywhere! Moreover, it can still command Lei Niu B’s ability. More importantly, it is natural, but it has no body! That is to say, with this ability, you can’t be killed by others.
However, is this really the case? When Kirby sang loudly, the sound suddenly stopped. After learning the information of devil fruit, he found a headache for him.
The problem is that whenever he is fatally attacked, although his body will automatically become elementalized to avoid the attack, his immortal dharma chakra will also decrease with the elementalization, and when his immortal dharma chakra runs out, he will elementalize the dharma, which means he will die.
This ….. Isn’t this cheat people? Say good enemy! Rabbi Chirabi feels no longer.
That’s not the biggest headache for him. The biggest headache for him is that chakra is not increased by his cultivation, but his body will automatically absorb the natural energy from the outside world, although it absorbs it all the time, but the speed is slower than that of the tortoise.
Just as Kirby was absorbing information, a child’s voice suddenly sounded outside the door.
"Than big brother?"
"Come on, wait a minute." Chirabi replied, then adjusted his clothes and walked out of the door. He knew this from his memory and called his child "Motoy * Ki". He is three years old and one year younger than Chirabi. Since Chirabi’s parents died once, Ki has become his only good friend.
"Why are you so late today? Let’s go!" The talking child is Motoy Kiki, a child with long black hair and green paint on his nose.
"Well," said Kirby, and then quickly followed; In this cruel world, 3-year-old children have begun to learn. Although they can’t start practicing chakra, it doesn’t prevent them from knowing some adult ninjas in chakra and having to remember the knowledge.
All the way, while breathing air several times purer than the earth, Rabi looked at the familiar and unfamiliar environment around him, and suddenly he involuntarily gave birth to the idea that this was the place he wanted to live, but he soon threw it out. Although he was very greedy for it, he still felt that it was good to go back to his parents.
Although he is not an only child, if he disappears, he knows that his parents will be very sad. He has done too many things to make them sad. He doesn’t want to see his parents sad. He secretly decides that he must finish it quickly, earn enough reward points and return to the real world to take good care of his parents who already have white hair.
"Big brother than big brother"
"What can I do for you?" Kirby woke up and looked at the base and asked.
"Are you okay! Why do I feel that you are so strange today, even your tone of voice has changed? "
"What can I do?" Rabi rolled his eyes, and when he remembered his singing tone, he felt a little painful, but he couldn’t say it.
All the way, they talked and laughed for about ten minutes, and then they came to the classroom. At this time, the classroom was full of children aged 3 to 5. Take a closer look, and the number of people in the whole class is about 30.
As soon as the two of them were seated, a teacher dressed in ninja ornaments walked into the classroom. When Kirby listened carefully, although he could practice chakra, he remembered it correctly. Who knows if the farewell plane can? If so, he will have one more life-saving ability.
The second chapter AB combination ()
Time flies by, and it’s already noon, and Kirby has a fantastic and unreal feeling at this time.
"I’ll give you this than eldest brother."
"Thank you." Kirby took the lunch box and thanked him. He didn’t have any intention of delaying the delivery of lunch. You know, he doesn’t have much life every month! Generally speaking, it just gives him a month’s normal expenses, and sometimes he has to praise the money for clothes for several months before he can buy it. Of course, the most important thing is that he hasn’t eaten the meal this morning, so he ate all the lunch boxes in less than a few minutes.
Rabbi Hooch took a breath. This rice is really not ordinary. Let’s talk about rice! This is definitely the best meat he has ever eaten, and the meat in it is crispy and delicious. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell what meat it was until his department finished eating. He wanted to ask and thought it would be suspected. After dinner, he sat in a tree chair and became silent.
Ji feels strange than Big Brother today. Although Big Brother says he is fine, he still feels strange because Ji has never seen such silence earlier than a whole month. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to speak, Big Brother would never have spoken, just like now.
I don’t know what it’s like to sit there quietly, but it’s a little lonely than the big brother suddenly feeling lonely, but it gives him the illusion that he is far away.
Even he can’t figure out what this illusion is.
"It’s adult Lei Ying Ai."
Ah! A scream suddenly sounded.
Excited and screaming, Kirby was awakened by this scream. "Ai", isn’t that his future big brother? Kirby couldn’t help looking over there and soon saw three figures.
In addition to the last one-eyed ninja, the other two of the three people are stout and have white hair. The front figure with long white hair is the adult of Lei Ying, followed by Lei Ying Er’ Ai’