Su Ying changed dozens of ways to ask questions, and it was always those two sentences that made a determined effort: "The nine changes of the Dragon Que are demigods, and even the nine changes of the Dragon Que with the holy soldiers are not opponents. I simply refined him, so he can also solve the suppression of the stars and get the nine changes of the Dragon Que."

Xia Jie seemed to feel that his eyes of murder were suddenly sharp, and he reached out and grabbed his thoughts and then stopped talking and looked up and continued to look at the sky.
Sue should be dark at the moment and return to the outside. He is not willing to enter an idea again. When Xia Jie sees him again, he forgets that Sue has just moved his murder and continues to mechanically repeat the previous words.
"I’m a little murderous look Xia Jie will extinguish this wisp of my spirit force? I’m afraid I can’t beat him when I come in. "
After thinking for a moment, Su Ying suddenly brightened up and said to herself, "Maybe you can introduce him into my knowledge sea."
So thinking about Sue should immediately drink a way "Xia Jie Summer is dead! What are you still doing here? "
Sure enough, Su Ying’s words came out and repeated mechanically. Xia Jie suddenly turned around and looked at Su Ying.
This is his subconscious blood reaction. What is the most taboo for royalty? Nothing more than Su Ying, the place of national subjugation and extinction, immediately angered him.
"Xia Jie what are you still here? Your people are being slaughtered. Why don’t you return soon? "
Sue should continue to stimulate his mind to drink at the entrance of the star arrow far towards Xia Jie Langsheng. Although this practice is somewhat immoral, it is natural that you can’t be a mother-in-law in order to get the dragon finch.
Xia Jie’s angry eyes flashed a trace of confusion. He turned around and shouldered his hands like a high god. "I am immortal in summer. How dare people destroy me? Do you want to die? Who are you? How dare you tempt me to destroy your nine families! "
Say that finish unexpectedly to mechanically repeat just those two sentences.
"If you don’t believe me, come with me to see Xia Jie. You are really going to die in the summer!" Sue should not give up and continue to stimulate
It finally worked this time!
Xia Jie suddenly turned and roared, "Die!"
For a moment, he was suddenly flying towards Su Ying and came to him instantly.
Sue should be happy to say "yes" in her heart.
Then Xia Jie directly into his eyebrows.
"Where is this?"
After landing, Xia Jie’s face suddenly showed a trace of doubt. For a moment, he suddenly became angry. "It’s not good!"
Speaking will fly, but at this moment, the sky suddenly burst into a white light, and when he was illuminated, he suddenly melted away.
"How is it possible! What the hell is this place? Xiao you, come out! Come out! I want to destroy your nine families! " Xia Jie was furious when he drank too much
"The emperor positions you already dead now is a wisp of residual soul, although I’m no match for you outside, but I know the sea, so it’s not up to you! Refine it for me! "
Sue should sneer at a stone tablet in the town immediately, and a white light will directly wrap Xia Jie’s soul.
He screamed repeatedly surprised and angry "what is this! That’ll be the day! What can have such a thing! Ah! "
With a scream, Xia Jie was directly integrated into the sea of Su Ying knowledge, and Su Ying’s mind turned upside down and sat down on the ground one by one.
Sweat all over, even my clothes are soaked.
When Siyu heard the noise outside, he quickly pushed the door and saw that Su Ying was pale and his lips were cracked like collapse. "What happened to Brother Su?"
Chapter 322 Dragon finch nine changes
Fang Su should sit on the ground panting and hold the star arrow in his hand. The difference before is that this arrow is no longer so dull, but there is a little blue star force flowing.
Si Yu instantly saw this great change and lifted Su Ying up with surprise. "Brother Su, you have succeeded!"
Su Ying smiled sadly and nodded, "Fortunately, I don’t fail to accomplish my mission, but I have different powers now. Please ask Brother Si to find a place to recuperate and live."
Siyu nodded and said, "Sue should set up directly and bow down to the air."
In the dark, there came a sound that was neither salty nor light, and then Siyu took Su Ying out.
When they left the back room, they suddenly showed two faint virtual shadows. One of them made an old sound. Looking at the stars and arrows flashing with light blue light, he couldn’t help but wonder, "This little one can really repair the stars and arrows."
Another man nodded in indecision and said, "It’s strange that he practiced gas refining with stars on Sunday. I seem to feel an unusual smell in my life."
"What unusual smell?"
"I do not know"
The man shook his head and suddenly looked up and asked, "Do you think the secret among the stars and arrows will not be discovered this moment?"
"It’s impossible. Can he discover the secrets of the stars and arrows with a simple cultivation of Yin and Yang?"
"Also," the man added slightly, "Zhou Tianxing Palace is not the kui is a Zhou Tianxing Palace, but it’s a pity that if we could pull the face and the stars and arrows would have been repaired."
"It’s not too late. Isn’t someone coming to Zhou Tianxing Palace in a few days? When you ask me, you will know the status of this small school. "
As the two immersed in the virtual shadow slowly dissipated, the whole room was silent again.
The two men turned around and came to a spacious room. General Yu should put a positive color on Su Ying, saying, "Brother Su, please take good care of this. If necessary, just tell me to watch it outside in person."
Speaking, Si Yu turned to the door and went straight outside, but his heart was filled with great excitement. "Brother Su is really a blessing to our family. He has been immersed in the stars and arrows for hundreds of years. As soon as he comes, he will directly repair it. Whatever requirements he has, he must be satisfied. Well, that’s it!"
So thinking about Siyu close the door motionless.
Room feel SiYu breath immersed in Sue should slowly open the previous weak swept away and corners of the mouth peep out one silk smile "fortunately, he didn’t see through".
Just now, Su Ying in the attic made the Town Celestial Monument refine Xia Jie’s ghost. He knew that there were immortal masters staring at him in the dark, so he pretended to be a huge consumption and weakness.
There is no problem with the physical roots of Su Ying, which is more than the so-called consumption. It is also caused by the short-term urging of his own vitality. It takes three minutes to recover.
He sat cross-legged on a big Sunday, and the stars and the sun’s vitality kept running. He inhaled the physical mana precipitation, and in order to increase the effect, Su Ying filled the whole room with Zhou Tianxing’s strength and the sun’s vitality. Even Si Yu outside the door was awakened with a shock. "Su Xiong deserves to be Zhou Tianxing’s brother. It can cause such a big movement if he works pranayama."
Shook his head SiYu continue to close the eyes guard.
Fang Su should close her eyes and think back to Xia Jie’s memory. What he wants most now is the magical power of Dragon Que’s Nine Changes.
Xia Jie has a lot of memories, from the age of three to five, he began to practice until he became king, and then to his family’s ancestor, Si Yi. Although there were just ten years, Su Ying seemed to be very wonderful.
He rummaged through it for a long time and finally found the nine-change cultivation method of Dragonfinch in Xia Jie’s memory.
"Xia Jie is the science of uniting to the first change, and even a holy soldier like Si Yi is no match. It is conceivable that this dragon finch nine changes must have something extraordinary. No wonder it can be the national law of Daxia Dynasty Town."
So thinking that Sue should immerse herself in her mind and start browsing slowly.
After half an hour, Su Ying finally opened his eyes and spat out a foul breath. "The person who can create this magical power is definitely a genius!"
He said that because he watched it, he found that the nine changes of the dragon finch were both an avatar and an art, and at the same time, it was a body-building way.
This mind method has a myriad of magical powers, from the initial cultivation of the body after tomorrow to the innate cultivation of qi, and then the magical powers are immortal and nine realms, and every weight and practice are extremely meticulous.
There are nine changes in the dragon finch’s nine changes, respectively, and Zhang Xiucheng, the ox demon, tiger demon, and ape demon, can achieve the congenital third king kong is not bad.
Then the third change, the bear demon trampling on the spirit turtle and the phoenix nirvana, will lead to the sixth deification of the avatar.
Then came the last three changes, the real dragon and the full moon, the Kirin’s amazing and the last nine turns of the ghost.
According to Su Ying’s view, it is only reasonable to call this dragon finch nine changes as a ghost nine changes. However, in those days, the Great Summer Ancestor did not become a climate and did not cause others to covet it. Because the National Emblem of the Great Summer was a dragon finch, it was named Dragon finch nine changes.
"This method is really powerful and unified. Every change is superimposed and increased relative to the magical powers of moves. If you can make it into a nine-turn magic, it will be the seventh heavier than my ancient magic body."
Su Ying was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t have no achievement method, magical powers were better than in his mind, and there was a classic magic pole to prove the immortal scriptures. However, because this unique skill is too extreme, Su Ying should watch and learn from it but never practice.
And in addition to inferno and Gu Zhubao, such abnormal people can practice, even if they give it to others, no one can practice.