It’s amazing that Guo Xiaosi was surprised by his own name, and nearly 100 people paid attention to it. Perhaps it’s because the clients who frequented Baihua Pavilion saw Guo Xiaosi’s fierce fight against the snake demon that day, so they thought that he might win the first place by surprise, and Guo Xiaosi’s odds were high, so he made a bet.

Three days before the beating, Guo Xiaosi was still practicing in the hospital, intoxicated, and Zhang Buer was still practicing pure Yang Gong in deep breathing. His pure Yang Gong has reached the second floor, which is far more difficult than Guo Xiaosi’s reaching the third floor with the help of inkstone.
Guo Xiaosi’s feet are wobbly, and the sword in his hand seems to be dancing irregularly when he hit the green steel sword from the east blacksmith’s shop a few months ago. From an outsider’s point of view, it seems that a drunk is playing tricks, and the threat is not great.
However, Guo Xiaosi has learned that this sword, which seems to pose little threat, is a murderous move. Others seem to be very casual. The purpose of the sword is to paralyze them and then kill the enemy instantly while taking advantage of the sudden murder.
Drunk Sword Fairy deserves to be called Sword Fairy. This swordsmanship is sharp, but it’s a pity that it’s easy to beat Xu Yong if his pure Yang skill reaches the third level and the fourth level.
Zhang Buer wiped the sweat on his forehead after pranayama and sighed, "My pure Yang work has risen very slowly, and it is hopeless to beat."
To beat people, I hope we don’t have to be the first to beat them. Although we can’t get the first place, we can also accumulate some practical experience from beating them. Guo Xiaosi also insinuated him.
Zhang Buer doesn’t care if he suddenly says, by the way, I forgot to tell you that both sides have to report to the main competitor and sign the bet in every competition.
Don’t look at this. I haven’t fought in a ring, but I haven’t eaten pigs and dogs. Haven’t I seen pigs running? When I’m beating, I still need to sign a life and death statement when I want to sign a bet. Our split-rudder competition belongs to the nature of selection, so we don’t need to sign a life and death statement. Everyone is not allowed to compete with swords instead of wood blade. It’s time to sign up. Didn’t Guo Xiaosi think that Zhang Buer can be surprised at first sight when he is a little neurotic?
No, no, Zhang Buer shook his hand in a hurry and said, you don’t know that the old man in the main competition is a greedy guy. If you give some silver to win the game during the competition, it will be much easier and more difficult.
Why would this happen again? Guo Xiaosi felt puzzled. How can the selection be unfair? How can an old greedy guy be allowed to take the lead? Is it fair for him to take the lead
I can’t be wrong. I heard Huang Xiangzhu tell me that this is still fake. He also asked me how much money I have. But I don’t expect to get the first place. I don’t want to give him silver. I hope you can get the first place. Don’t you have a lot of silver? He won’t get it if you give me some, he said slowly
Guo Xiaosi spent all his silver when he stamped his foot.
Before, I spent some silver to kill the Chilian snake demon in Baihua Pavilion, and spent another 12 silver to treat myself. After that, I actually said that I needed some silver to drink, and I had to give him another 12 silver. This kind of master is really a mountain-sitting guy, but after he saved his life and made himself drunk, Guo Xiaosi was very generous. In addition, in the past six months, he had already left all the scattered silver flowers.
What should I do? Without money, it’s hard for you to get promoted and worry about him.
Guo Xiaosi is also furious. First, he is anxious to be extravagant some time ago. Second, he hates this old thing for being a greedy guy.
I’ve got it in my pocket, so I’ll let fate take me wherever I can go.
Guo Xiaosi heart a horizontal sneer at a way, I don’t send him silver, I also want to rely on real talent to fight for the first place.
Zhang Buer didn’t speak. In his opinion, Guo Xiaosi Kung Fu is only half taller than him. I want to be the first one. Others can’t pass without saying Xu Yong.
I don’t know who sent the news that the old man was greedy for money in the main game. At that time, everyone was tightening his purse and even lowered his standard of eating. He wanted to give the silver province to the old man Guo Xiaosi, but instead of reducing his food, he also rose some wars. How can he do it without losing his physical strength? Moreover, it is not a fight between 911 people in the beating. It takes five to cut six, and in the end, lowering the standard of food is to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
But seeing everyone chipping in to borrow money, Guo Xiaosi still couldn’t help cursing the greedy and unfair old bastard in the inn. Other brothers who participated in the beating were silent, even though they thought Guo Xiaosi scolded well, but who could not change color before utilitarianism? Guo Xiaosi wanted to scold him, so he scolded the old bastard, which was equivalent to swearing at him for everyone, or the old bastard would find him to settle accounts with Guo Xiaosi when he knew it.
Guo Xiaosi is also freely cursing a few words. His heart is still beating.
If there are too many people beating, the list will be made up of two people in pairs. One of them will be qualified for a promotion round. In the end, two people can compete for the first place, and the first place will qualify for promotion. Xu Yong won the first place, so the second place will also get this place.
Guo Xiaosi searched carefully and found that his first opponent’s name was Chen Chun.
Chapter 22 Meet the first battle
Chunyangmen South Branch selects the younger brother of the outer gate to be promoted, and the competition type starts. Two younger brothers face the ground on one side and arrange five plush chairs on the other side in order. An old man with white hair and thin beard is sitting on the other side, which is the main competition.
Two younger brothers came to Taiwan first to worship the old man, and then at the bottom of the table, a middle-aged man, four fragrant masters, Zhao Xiangzhu, introduced a beating rule, that is, it is necessary to pay attention to the point-to-stop party to admit defeat or be defeated by gallants.
After everything was announced, the two outside brothers competed for a moment, and a younger brother was defeated by gallants and then regretfully bowed.
Taiwan is an applause, except for the younger brothers outside Chunyangmen who came to watch the beating. Leisure people in Pingfeng City also came to join in the lively small town. There is nothing big on weekdays. At this moment, Chunyangmen made a gallants, so everyone gathered together, regardless of whether the important person left the stage or not, and they gave the applause palm to win.
The two men kung fu is generally very Zhang Buer shook his head and said to Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi can also see that these two brothers’ in-laws kung fu can generally continue to stay. That one is just a little better than that one in Taiwan. It is this failure that falls to bid farewell to the victory in the ring and listens to the call until the last one stays in Taiwan.
The competition among 911 people is fierce, and if you want to stay in the face, you must hit your opponent. There is no other way.
It’s the same for two younger brothers to jump into the ring, but this time, the old man said that fighting with the younger brothers can’t hurt each other’s anger, and it’s necessary to keep the money fair. Second, if you are tall and arm-length, you won’t be a dagger.
The second brother named Qian was a little slow, but he still obeyed the old man’s words and threw the sword in his hand and took the dagger sent by a man.
The two men fought together, and Qian Er obviously lost his wind because he changed his weapon, while the other brother gained the upper hand, so as not to let people attack wave after wave and kill Qian Er in a hurry.
It wasn’t long before Qian Eryi was accidentally kicked off by his opponent’s dagger. He just wanted to punch instead of the sword, but his opponent’s sword had been put on his shoulder.
Qian Er was defeated because he didn’t give the old man a gift. He whispered in Guo Xiaosi’s ear that you and I should be careful to meet an opponent who sent a lot of money, but it would be difficult to deal with.
Guo Xiaosi looked at the old man with disdain, indignant, and what fair competition is simply slippery. I’m afraid we Chunyangmen guys will be messed up by them inside.
Alas, people like Liu Min and Zhang Shi can be weighed, so you can know that Zhang Buer sighs.
Guo Xiaosi snorted and asked me to change my sword. I wouldn’t change it. It’s too honest for him to take my money.
Taiwan Qian Er, though unwilling, conceded the loss and politely left the stage with a hand over the five people.
Guo Xiaosi patted Zhang Buer on the shoulder and said, Let’s go home and watch the fun here, and don’t go back and practice.
Zhang Buer smiled and opposed us. The competition won’t be held until noon, so go back and practice.
The two men sneaked back to the courtyard and practiced together. Guo Xiaosi didn’t think much about some unfair phenomena in the competition, but he tried his best, but he couldn’t reach his goal because he was blindsided.
The first opponent, Chen Chun, is Zhao Xiang’s younger brother, Guo Xiaosi, who has nothing to do with him on weekdays. He doesn’t know all the details about him well, but it should not be a big problem if he doesn’t send silver to the old man and wants to win with his third layer of pure youth.
Both of them practiced their kung fu once, and it was noon before they knew it.
By this time, the challenge was over, and everyone just came back to talk about it. It was just a moment ago, but everyone talked about it the most. Xu Yong said that brother Xu was brother Xu A?vagho?a. This guy was the first to meet brother Xu and he still didn’t throw in the towel. How about not being kicked by brother Xu to make a fool of himself?
The other horse said what nonsense in a hurry. If you are not kicked by Brother Xu to A?vagho?a, you will sign up for a competition. If you lose without a fight, it will make people laugh. In my opinion, A?vagho?a is a hero.