"That’s not the case! Things are very successful, but the Lins suddenly fought a mysterious master, which made the seven elders … "Liu Chuiqing was stared at by the Liudonglai and was ready to speak. At this time, the department was completely forgotten and said haltingly.

"Cough, elder, this matter is actually …" Liu defeated the wild and looked at his eloquent brother who was stuck at the moment, so he quickly prepared to argue with him.
"positions! The king’s breaking the law is still the same as the common people’s sin. I can’t abolish Liu’s family law. If this is the first time, Liu’s brother will not regard family law as things! " Liu Donglai didn’t give a word to the face, that is, he blocked Liu Donglai back. Liu Donglai is also a person who has lived for nearly a hundred years. How can he not know that he didn’t dare to make irresponsible remarks because of his master’s position? Now he is not afraid of him
Willow defeated wild heart is short of breath, but it can be resisted. Now he dare not move. Many things can depend on him.
"I appreciate that you have committed such a disaster this time. According to the clan rules, you should abolish the true qi and drive out of the house’ door’. Do you think it is possible to get rid of all ethnic secondary vocational schools and go to turtle shell city to be an urban management?" LiuDongLai see willow defeated wild without saying a word, will look heavy and moved to willow favor and said
"The elders! Although I made a big mistake, is it too harsh to punish Kameyama City, which is located in the border and deserted? " Liu defeated Ye after hearing Liu Donglai’s punishment, he immediately got up and pleaded, after all, his own brother always knew that he couldn’t eat any bitterness. This punishment suspected that he would be relegated to that wild place to die. Liu’s favor was also a surprise. Although he didn’t know much about this geography, Kameyama City had heard of it. Don’t say that he was so arrogant and used to Wang Sungong, but the general was unwilling to go to that wild place.
"This is already a light punishment. Do you really want to abandon my family law?" Liu Donglai didn’t care about the tone of this willow defeat. He asked the best decission. In this way, the willow defeat wild words can be said. The responsibility of the Liu Presbyterian Church is to implement the French method. Even the householders can’t interfere, but the former Liu Donglai didn’t break through, and the former Liu defeated the wild base. But now …
"By the way, do you have a problem with favor?"
"I appreciate it … I have no opinion. Elder Xie is lenient!" Liu looked down at his brother’s intercession, but he didn’t have the slightest chance to die. How dare you have any other opinions? If the French really abolished his true spirit, there would be no place to cry.
"If you don’t agree with me, then you should go on your way." Liu Dong said that he would stop looking at the willow and appreciate it lightly.
"It’s the elder." Liu hung his head and replied weakly. Before he came, he was eagerly looking forward to the elder’s getting out and going to the Lins’ for revenge, but he didn’t expect that the first bad luck was that he wanted to come to himself. Is this bitter again?
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Chapter 25 Explore the Bones Palace again
? Three people in Duan Jia’s palace, Lin Sheng Duan Xin, were having dinner when suddenly Lin Sheng felt an inexplicable throb in his heart. Lin Sheng did not move’ color’ but did not move. Where was the’ color’? Talking and laughing with Duan Xin and Duan, suddenly Lin Sheng’s knowledge was as fierce as’ tide’ water, which was a’ shock’. It was a collision to secretly spy on Lin Sheng’s knowledge.
"Before ….." Lin Sheng’s gods collided with each other at first, just like being stabbed by a sharp thorn. Fortunately, that god seemed to have been traumatized. Fortunately, Lin Sheng’s gods were embarrassed. When Lin Sheng collided with his gods, his horse retreated. But how could he escape so easily after Lin Sheng’s great efforts? Lin Sheng’s gods followed him closely. It was the place near the forest of death outside Dali that was dumped by that god.
Lin Sheng took back God’s knowledge and spat out one mouthful blood.
"Brother Sheng!" Duan Xin and Duan got a fright and cried. They just got up and looked at Lin Sheng in a panic. I don’t know what happened to Lin Sheng. Suddenly, it was vomiting blood.
"What’s the matter with you?" Duan Xin hold Lin Sheng back concerns asked.
"It’s okay, I have something to get out of here. You just wait here until I’m done. My horse will come back for you." Lin Sheng wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said to Duan Xin and Duan that the tone was very urgent. What Duan Xin and Duan said was a flicker and disappeared into Duan Jia’s palace.
"Cough is almost discovered by this little thing. I didn’t expect to see it for a few months. It’s hard to imagine that I have such an opportunity to be so strong!" A dry mummy in the forest of death muttered, it’s extremely strange. If outsiders see it, they will be scared to death.
Besides, Lin Sheng’s flicker is that Duan Xin and Duan Ran don’t know whether Lin Sheng is in a panic. Although they are worried about Lin Sheng’s safety, they don’t know where he went at the moment, so there is no way to listen to Lin Sheng and wait anxiously for Lin Sheng to leave the family palace, which is to go directly to the outside of Dali. Although he just lost that powerful god knowledge, his heart is already at a loss. That god knowledge owner is probably the time he met the mummy in the forest of death! He’s the one with that kind of strength. A few months ago, Lin Sheng couldn’t see his background, but there was a faint feeling in his heart that Lin Sheng hadn’t thought of it before when he was outside Dali, but now he thought of it, so he just rushed to the forest of death. According to Lin Sheng’s estimation, the mummy was even higher than his master’s repair, and a collision with his warrior-level gods in front of his gods was traumatic! This is a serious matter. Lin Sheng knew that he was definitely not an opponent when he met him, but he took the initiative to retreat from that god knowledge just now. He guessed that the owner of this god knowledge should be harmless to himself, so he dared to go to the forest of death alone. He wanted to know what the mummy really wanted to do.
The forest of death is still as alive as he saw it, and it has come a long way. Except for some poisonous insects, nothing else has been seen. Occasionally, I met one or two incredibly Lin Sheng, who also relied on his own gods to detect and far bypassed it. Although Lin Sheng is no longer the previous one who was vulnerable in front of giants, these incredibly are equivalent to the fighters in the later period of Wuling at most, but looking at such a big head, Lin Sheng is still a little heart-wrenching. In case that thing entangles himself and summons a large group of giants to take himself, I’m afraid. I have to be a good boy. In this forest of death, Lin Sheng doesn’t dare to fly with his sword. Although these giants can’t fly, the stones in their hands are flying in the middle quickly and accurately, which is suspected to be their living target.
However, the speed of Lin Sheng’s journey is not slow by clever posture, but it takes half an hour for Lin Sheng to arrive at the bones palace. It is impossible to understand the bones palace for a few months outside, or it is as "yin" as before. I don’t know what the reason is at this time. The bones palace is actually gathering a large number of giants kneeling outside. Are these giants looking at the bones palace with a full face of fear? It is impossible to understand Lin Sheng naturally, but it seems from their tone that it means begging for mercy. I don’t know whether these people are afraid of flying dragons or not, but these giants are kneeling there with a height of nearly three meters. It looks like an elephant is lying there. Suddenly, a whistling sound is heard, which scares Lin Sheng. Directly, it is to sacrifice the remnant snow sword. Be careful and alert. The remnant snow sword is white and full of swords. Seeing the remnant snow sword is so abnormal, Lin Sheng’s heart is suddenly alert and deepened.
As soon as the roar rang, those giants were even more frightened, mumbling and wailing, as if they were still afraid of this roar to the extreme. At this time, rows of giants were all prone to the ground and never dared to raise their heads again. Lin Sheng seized the opportunity. A flicker was that he jumped into the white bone palace. As soon as he entered the palace, a cold dead breath was lost through his skin. Lin Sheng hit a shivering body. He inwardly lamented that he hadn’t come to this white bone palace for a few months. The’ Yin’ sen breath seemed to be rich again. Otherwise, However, the warmth of the residual snow in his hand is really a bit overwhelming. I can’t help but think that Lin Sheng holds the residual snow hand, which can’t help but increase the intensity of the residual snow sword. Not only does Lin Sheng come with the warmth, but it also illuminates the road ahead for Lin Sheng. Walking along the steps step by step, the road is full of human bones. Some of them have never seen animal bones, and these animal bones are actually faintly emitting filar silk fluorescence. It is natural that ordinary animal bones are particularly strange in this dark palace of’ Yin’ Sen. These animal bones that emit fluorescence are obviously not worldly things. Lin Sheng estimates that these animal bones should be unique to the sunset forest. The sunset forest is hundreds of thousands of miles away from here. How can these animal bones appear here? Moreover, when Lin Sheng came here, he didn’t find that these bones and animal bones had bones, but there were still some rotten blood’ meat’. Obviously, it was only recently added. Did the mummy actually go to the sunset forest and catch Warcraft to eat in it when people were unaware?Thought of here, Lin Sheng just felt a chill in his heart. These animal bones were faintly fluorescent. Obviously, these Warcraft had some ways before their death, so easily they were killed, and the number was still so huge. It was horrible to think about it!
Carefully move on around the animal bone Lin Sheng. There is still a distance between here and the place where I met the mummy. Lin Sheng played an extremely’ refined’ role. God didn’t dare to relax at all. There was a faint creaking audio and video in front of him. I heard Lin Sheng’s scalp was numb. The more I walked inside, the more obvious it became.
"Crunch …"
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Chapter 26 Monster
? The creaking sound is getting more and more obvious. Lin Sheng’s hand holding the residual snow has been slightly moist. I really don’t know how this place came into being. It’s so’ yin’. Lin Sheng would rather go out and have a war with those giants than stay in this place for one more minute. But if you want to find out whether that powerful god just now is the mummy inside, Lin Sheng has to bite the bullet and walk slowly towards the Bones Palace.
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Quack quack line to the inside is full of bones to avoid Lin Sheng, one foot is light and one foot is heavy. The bones should be crushed into a stack of bone powder, and Lin Sheng covers his nose and mouth. Suddenly, Lin Sheng’s footsteps abruptly stop Lin Sheng. Finally, it is found that there is something gnawing at the sound made by the bones. A bloody monster in front of him is gnawing at the bones, saying that he is a monster and really raising him a little. This monster is simply a pile of rotten’ meat’ where to form muddy. Lin Sheng, who smells disgusting, has already closed his sense of smell, or else he would really spit out his intestines. Although the monster is a pile of rotten meat, it is all eyes, mouth, ears and nose.
The monster seems to feel someone coming. A pair of deep eyes staring at Lin Sheng seems to be far more interested in this living creature than the bones in his hand. It is said that the hands are actually two huge claws like being cut from the body of a beast. It is generally thought that Lin Sheng suddenly remembered that those bones and animal bones in the palace passage just now seem to be really incomplete, either without claws or without a rib. So, this monster seems to be disassembled and reassembled by those bones outside. It is even more thought that Lin Sheng here. A scalp pins and needles immediately thought of the bones palace except the mummy. So this monster must be the mummy. But what did he’ get’ out of this monster?
I can’t think much about Lin Sheng, so I don’t know when the monster is found. At first, I didn’t realize that this monster has got up. Lin Sheng just thinks that this monster is so huge that it is just like the giant outside! Monster gawking at Lin Sheng Lin Sheng doesn’t want other forces to guard against this monster. I’m afraid it’s not a good crop. Look at him and look at his eyes. It’s like watching a good meal.
The true qi overflows the remnant snow sword, and the sword sounds like a dazzling sword. The monster seems to be very afraid of remnant snow. Staring at the remnant snow sword, he mumbles something, but he doesn’t move the enemy. Lin Sheng naturally doesn’t make a move, but holding the remnant snow sword’s right hand is already guarding against this monster’s sudden attack on Lin Sheng’s knowledge. I didn’t find anything similar to the soul in this monster. So, this monster is even a soulless puppet. Think about it. It is very likely that this monster is pushing rotten’ meat’ to accumulate and Lin Sheng doesn’t feel anything wrong Lin Sheng, the concept of possession, was also occasionally heard during the escort. It often means that some powerful souls who have lost their * * will not be scattered after death, but will wander around the world to find a suitable parasite and then destroy the other person’s soul. It can be as flexible as controlling their own bodies after a period of time, and it can be regarded as another way to regenerate.
But looking at the disgusting monster in front of me is obviously not a favorite parasite, and I don’t know who can have such a strong will, but I am actually going to parasitize such a monster.
Crunch that monster staring at Lin Sheng took a step towards the front. This step is five or six steps away from ordinary people. Lin Sheng almost bumped into the monster’s body. He quickly made a flicker to avoid the monster. When he saw the organic, he quickly jumped forward to cover Lin Sheng and saw the method to avoid Lin Sheng’s hand. With a wave of his hand, the remnant snow sword was cut in the monster’s claw, but the remnant snow sword was actually left with a shallow scratch on the claw surface without cutting off Lin Sheng’s heart. You know, even after the promotion of Canxue Sword, it’s as easy as cutting tofu, but it’s not surprising to leave a shallow mark on this monster’s claw face. At the same time, I am also secretly guessing that the original owner of this claw is a kind of animal claw, but it was so hard that the sword was cut on the monster body. It is still not meritorious, but it has split its leather a little bit. It is far from being able to cause any substantial’ sexual’ damage to this monster, but it has blocked its forward-pouncing figure, got rid of it, and struck it with a broken finger. It is also very effective to hit the monster body. Instead, it is to’ shock’ the monster and wave this claw at Lin Sheng. Fortunately, this monster has no soul and will not have any Wushu.
Lin Sheng secretly thinking about this entanglement is not the way, but this monster is a pair of fire and water, not afraid of the sword, even the remnant snow sword has failed to hurt him. What can I do? When Lin Sheng secretly thinks about it, the monster doesn’t stop red with a bowl of big eyes and rushes at Lin Sheng again. Looking at the monster, a pair of big eyes suddenly come to mind. Instead, it is not only inevitable, but it is standing still, hands are printed and gathered together, and two qi are remitted to the hands of Shaoyang’ hole’. When the monster sees Lin Sheng, he is motionless, happy and a pair of claws
It was at this moment that Lin Sheng’s eyes stretched out a broken finger and hit two fingers, one green and one red, and the qi roared out at the monster, and a pair of huge eyes suddenly’ shot’ to the monster, which seemed to realize that it was not good to dodge. I closed my eyes in a hurry and the two qi hit the monster in tandem.
Roar ….. Give Lin Shengli a blow, and two true qi blows at the monster. The monster with huge eyes roared with pain, and the whole palace trembled. Lin Sheng’s feet shook and almost fell. The palace seemed to be about to collapse, but the shaking lasted for several breaths, and it was still. The yellow’ color’ Huahui unearthed on the walls and top of the palace was obviously prohibited from protecting the palace and dissolving the vibration caused by the monster’s roar.
So close to Lin Sheng, I believe that this monster must be blind and can’t see him. Where is it? It’s a few meters away from that monster. But the monster roared for a while and then opened his eyes again. There was no loss. It’s just that the blood flowed out of the corner of his eyes. A pair of huge eyes stared at Lin Sheng with a straight’ desire’ to breathe fire.