"Maybe you have a constitution," said the righteous brother. "When you and Yangliu were pregnant with children, there were no three bodies in your body, and the three bodies came from the spiritual world. I guess what ancient Eritrea needed was your body. I found it at that time, so * * Division enchanted ancient Eritrea and lured him into Xuanyuan Baojian illusion to rob the child you imagined …"

"Oh," I nodded. "So that’s it."
Brother Yi said, "Gue came to the celestial world only to improve his own strength. His true god didn’t know it, but after Gue’s disappearance for a long time, they will certainly notice it. The true god will not tolerate the vulgarity and surpass the true god, and then he will definitely hand it to me."
My eyelids jumped. That ancient city is the weakest god in the divine world, but it is already so difficult. If it were another true god, it would be the real catastrophe of the yin and yang!
Thinking of this, my heart jumped wildly and I couldn’t help saying, "Big Brother, why don’t you let Gue go?"
Brother Yi said, "You can’t let him go because you hurt him and it was the means of human surgery that hurt him. If he goes back, he will be found out."
I cried some silence.
A moment later, I asked again, "What on earth is the big brother’s divine world? I’ve never heard of it before? "
Brother Yi said, "Do you know that there are three ways to stop?"
I nodded. "I’ve heard people say that when we practice Taoism, people practice Taoism to the extreme, which means sealing the emperor’s realm! However, there are also land rides and sky rides … but no one has ever seen the saying that land rides and sky rides are really true? "
It is said that in ancient times, one of our ancestors knew a great deal about Taoism, and he was called the Taoist ancestor. He not only knew three kinds of Daoism, that is, heaven-riding, earth-riding and man-riding, but also practiced in the realm of Tongxuan. He gave these three kinds of spells to the world, and then he divided the spells into levels and categories. He could practice human-riding or even human-riding, and that is us! It is as high as a true god to be able to practice the magic of Heaven-riding and Heaven-riding … Later, the cultivation environment of Yin and Yang became worse, and the practice of Heaven-riding and Heaven-riding legal persons opened up a new world. From here, our world of Yin and Yang is just an abandoned world, and the world where the practice of Heaven-riding legal persons is the divine world! "
I heard a trance and couldn’t help asking, "What about practicing the legal person of Heaven and Road?"
"That’s higher than the true God." Brother Yi shook his head. "Even I don’t know where they are now. I know that the celestial world is the real behind-the-scenes manipulator of Yin and Yang. They call themselves Heaven! But there is heaven in heaven! They are by no means the ultimate! "
My heart suddenly burst into a cold mouth and I couldn’t help mumbling, "The original cultivation to the emperor’s realm was at the peak of my life, but now it’s just! The big side of heaven and earth is as small as mustard, and now I finally realized it. "
Brother Yi said, "So there are hidden worries in my heart. If Gue doesn’t go for a long time, it will definitely attract the attention of the gods, and then there will be trouble."
I can’t help worrying. "What will happen to us if someone comes from the big brother?"
Brother Yi shook his head. "I don’t know, after all, I don’t have any experience in understanding the celestial world, or I got it from the ancient books in the hidden world of Tianfu, but you are not afraid. I believe that Chen Yuanfang’s life will not be so short! It’s the battle of Yin and Yang. We need to hurry! Go back to the dust and have a rest. I haven’t met Yangliu for a long time. Be warm … Stay with me tonight and arrange a room for you. Yangliu knows. "
"Well," I answered and called a willow. I held my son and she went back with her daughter.
When I was about to go out, I couldn’t help looking back at Brother Yi. When I saw Brother Yi, my attitude became deeper and deeper.
Night always passes quickly.
A sudden movement in my deep sleep woke me up.
I suddenly sat up with my eyes open, confused and frightened.
"What’s the matter?" Willow grabbed my arm and asked sleepily.
I said, "I hear something outside. You go to sleep first and I’ll go out and have a look."
Yangliu said, "Be careful."
I put on my clothes and hurried to the yard, but I was alone!
I was wondering if I was hallucinating just now, but suddenly I caught a glimpse of a figure falling from the roof. It was Brother Yi!
I greeted him and said, "What’s the matter, big brother?"
"Things are going to be bad!" Brother Yi looks a little strange. "Before the war! Tonight! I walked out of the three corpses! I am afraid that the horse will know what I am doing! "
Chapter DiYiSiJiu Hidden Power ()
Three bodies are gone?
When I heard this, I was also shocked and changed my face. "Why did the three bodies of Big Brother leave?"
Brother Yi said, "I practice Taoism day by day and have entered the country again. Perhaps I exceeded the restrictions imposed by the true God of the celestial world on our monks of Yin and Yang, which triggered my three corpses to leave the body. They are going back to the celestial world to report!"
I was startled. "Is there such a thing?"
"This is the reason for the robbery. If the three corpses leave, there will be a heavenly way to rob!" Brother Yi said, "I’ve always been on guard against them. I didn’t expect that the three corpses were very cunning and fled quietly while I was in concentration!" By the time I found out, they had gone far away! I quickly used my means to swim around and caught the middle corpse and the corpse, but I took off the corpse! "
I am anxious, "What should I do now?"
"You also don’t fear a blessing in disguise? But before it’s too late! " Brother Yi said, "I’m going to be in the shade before I come. Now it seems that it’s better to choose another day than to hit me today!" Go back and get ready! Go to the hermitage hall when my bell rings! I knew that although the corpse had escaped, it was ambushed by me layer by layer. I would go back to the divine world to inform and tell the divine world before making a decision, and then I would send the true god to see me for a while! Go and talk to Yangliu now. Don’t leave Yangliu here when you go to the Yin War later. Don’t let her take risks! "
"Yes!" I know the matter is serious and I dare not stay any longer. I hurried back to my room to find willow.
When I got back to the house, I just explained a few words to Yangliu, who was frightened and sad, and I heard the sound of "Dong", and then I knocked six times!
I once heard Shao Wei say that this is the highest warning signal in the hidden world of celestial symbols!
So I said, "Liu Er, I can’t talk to you any more! You take good care of Qing-er and Yan-er! I’m going! "
"The children and I are waiting for you to come back!"
"I know!"
After I answered, I hurriedly left the house and went straight to the hermitage hall in the celestial sphere, where the celestial sphere discussed important matters!
When running, people are constantly coming and going, and they are all walking in a hurry, and no one talks.
I met a few acquaintances, but they just nodded and walked together.
It’s not light yet at this hour.
By the time we get to the hall, Brother Yi has already taken the top spot in front of the hall, and there are ten seats on each side of the left and right sides! Zhenzhen tuba
There are more than a dozen futons in the hall, all of which are sitting at a glance, but many of them I know, such as Simen Island to Liusheng!
Even a figure like the Six Saints only sits in the futon in the hall. What kind of figure should 36 people sit in the chair in front of the hall?
I was just about to wait and see the sleeve when I was suddenly pulled a twist and saw that Shao Wei had arrived.
Her sister Shao Ruxin also glanced at me beside her, which was a greeting. I hurriedly bowed my head and waved my hand.
Shao Wei whispered, "Brother Guichen, are there people sitting on both sides of your brother Yuanfang?"
"Yes," I nodded. "I haven’t been familiar with the way of the world here since I came, so I went to do something else. Today I want to take a good look at the heroes in the hidden world."
Shao Wei said, "The people sitting on both sides of the chair are all people who are top-notch in the hidden world of Tianfu or have a very high generational status."
I went to see Brother Yi right from the first chair. He was an old man in red, so I didn’t know who it was. Shao Wei wrote, "This old man is a big tiger elder, Tiger E Lai! Originally, this position was for the tiger family’s long tiger canal beam to sit. Now, the tiger canal beam Fenglinzhou will sit by him. "
E Lai?’ I was taken aback. "How can a decent person get such a name?"
"The Tiger Family is an ancient family of enchanters. Their names are vicious and weird, and they want to kill evil!" Shao Wei said, "The Tiger Family is the largest indigenous clan in the celestial sphere, and all of them are the leaders of the aristocratic clan in the celestial sphere."
At first glance, I saw sixteen chairs sitting on the right, and they were all old people. They looked like strangers!
Shao Wei pointed out that "the second chair is Zhang Qinghe, the bodhi old zu of the Zhang family. He is Meng Zhang’s grandfather."
"Oh," I nodded. "Where are those people?"
Shao Weidao said, "The third chair is the high position of the ancestors of the Gaos, the fourth chair is Wu Entai, the fifth chair is Zhao Daluo, the ancestor of the Zhao family, and the sixth chair is Jiang Feilian, the ancestor of the Jiang family, followed by Sichuan, Huangfuwei, Hu Yan, Liang Daozong, Sun Boling, Zhu Nancheng, Yang Taichang, Chang Sunyou, Dou Yiguang, Dongfang Bai, Sima Ming and Yue Zhengqi!"
Shao Wei said, I secretly remember and look at these people carefully one by one. E Lai is the weakest thing in the demigod realm, and Sima Ming is also in the middle of the sacred realm
Look at the first ten seats on the left. The first one is holding the second one, too. I can’t help but feel a little strange. Look at the third chair, but it is Chen Hongdao.
Behind Chen Hongdao stands a man who is none other than Cheng Ge!
Chen Hongdao’s things are extremely high, so it’s not necessary to say anything. Moreover, he is a well-deserved seat in the front of Ma Yi Chen Jia’s family.
This also makes me more and more curious about who should sit in the first two chairs.
I also know the person sitting in the fourth chair. It is Chen Tianyou, the immortal veteran.
According to the generation, Chen Tianyou is two generations higher than Chen Hongdao, but the aristocratic family has strict rules and status is more important than the generation. Chen Hongdao has been the head of the family, and Chen Tianyou has no place to rank first.
Behind Chen Tianyou stood a woman who was a Taoist, dressed like a fairy. When I looked at it for a few times, I felt a little familiar. When I saw it, I suddenly found that the female Taoist turned out to be a god!