Dally a few steps rushed to the front desk on striking table and smashed the certificate "NSA now I want to check your video-take me to your duty room to see the speed.

When the woman saw my certificate, she suddenly stammered, "Mr. Er, I’m sorry, my manager hasn’t come yet …" I don’t know why the two-handed table was groping around.
"The manager didn’t come to see it-now I’ll tell you the speed, take me to the duty room to watch the monitoring, and then call your manager and say that the National Security Bureau wants to check that I’m staring at her with great momentum." And you gave him all the night shift staff last night to shout to me.
That member and I looked at each other for less than three seconds, and my powerful aura-er, they later said it was a rogue temperament-suddenly broke her deeply and began to touch her words in front of me
I strike table "walk along with the drum and grind my teeth with a face of lost face looking around. The security guards in Xiao Pi look at my eyes and immediately face the wall. My legs are trembling."
Usually, I always pretend to be a gentle girl, but now I’m in a bad mood and want to reach for my knife when I see people dawdling-how can I pretend?
Cough, direct exposure. Come on!
Sister was frightened by my clap. She smiled with me. "I’ll take you with me …" I was so angry that I didn’t dare to delay the lock of the drawer again. I quickly took me to the back.
As soon as the ladder door jingled open, Uncle Sun acted like the wind and ran out with awe. "What happened to Xiao Wang?" That leather canvas bag has been shouldered impressively. "Is it …"
"Most of it is my decisive affirmation that" there are signs of fighting in the room, and I can’t get through, and I can’t find anyone. Most of it is an accident-Uncle Sun, we are going to watch the surveillance video. "
Uncle Sun nodded and said nothing, but the bag was changed from shoulder to hand.
About 2 years ago, the hotel has made the monitoring system have a special monitoring room, but the effect is really not so good-I stared at the ghost-like picture and resisted the impulse for fear that I could not control it and pulled it out. "Do you, er, have a clearer picture?"
"No," the manager said with a trembling smile in front of me. "You know our little place … er, a lot of things … this this … didn’t talk to …" He faltered and said, "Why don’t you rest and we’ll adjust again?"
That’s a mess … oh, I’m so angry!
"Forget it," I picked up this guy and took a sip of tea for me. "I’ll just fucking watch-you go out now and see if your night shifts are here? If you arrive, call me and I will ask questions now. "
That guy’s forehead sweat finally began to dissipate and even promised to rush out of the room. I stared at his back and sighed at Uncle Sun and said, "Hum, these guys are so fucking unreliable … I don’t know if I can find some clues. Will you keep an eye on it for me and see if you have seen any guys appear?"
Grandpa Sun moved his chair closer to the screen. "No problem"
"thank you! Er, when I ask questions later, I will depend on your age. If you find anything-look at this button. I will point out the "pause" keyboard to Uncle Sun. "Press one then call me."
Uncle Sun squinted and tried to identify the keyboard words. He was quite dissatisfied. "Do you want me to be blind in such small words?" That’s true, but he still put his finger on the key "this?"
The old man’s face is much more serious than when facing the fat legacy. It’s like a life-and-death battle. I can’t help myself … "Ahem, please relax. It’s not so serious." I quickly advised "Press it again if you find something."
Well, I think the old man is getting more and more nervous, and I am also getting nervous-we are getting more and more nervous as the picture changes and there are several black shadows in the corridor …
The string collapsed instantly. Uncle Sun and I jumped up together, reaching for a gun and touching a stick-we just had to smash it out!
The smiling face of the manager at the door was scared by us, and the sweat poured out … Only then did he find that the guy with a group of staff on duty was looking at me with a stupid eye.
"Ahem" I put my blade in my arms and felt embarrassed. "Come on in."
A bunch of sad-faced fish balls entered the room and lowered their eyes. "Good leadership" began to bite the bullet at the door to see that we were scared just now, and they were all timid.
All right! Is there anything to hide in this way? It’s also a windfall.
The manager wiped his forehead sweat and came over to reckon with the opening. "The leaders were on the night shift yesterday-here is the doorman in the duty room; These two are night shift bars; Er, the last one is the attendant on the third floor … "He was very excited to say that our accommodation staff had asked about it when they wanted to go out."
In this case, I won’t turn again. "Come on, let me ask you, has anyone been here since I went out last night?"
Four people, look at me. I see you at the end. The doorman said, "Yes …"
"To a few people? What is the number of people? "
Several people discussed it, and a bartender replied, "It seems like four people. Two are single and two are husband and wife-six people together …"
Sang Yu is not an ordinary person. It is not something that one or two people can do to break into houses without disturbing others. I guess either these six people are together or they have taken drugs. I thought for a moment, "Do any of them live on the third floor?"
The clerk opened the manual and checked, "Er, nobody stayed on the third floor last night."
"So … did anyone come to the third floor yesterday? you said
I turned to face the third floor clerk, but when I turned around, I found that her face was flustered and her eyes were floating. I couldn’t help but feel suspicious when I spoke-let’s see if she argued sophistry.
"I, I didn’t see it … no, I don’t know … yeah, I didn’t see it …" The more she said, the more difficult it was to justify it. "Just, just, I don’t know …"
I hit my desk hard.
Bang! -Bang, a teacup jumped to the ground and fell to pieces!
"I don’t know or can’t see it? Say, are you a little girl? " There is a fierce look in my eyes. "Hum, it seems that you have to go to our National Security Bureau. Reach out and feel out and cough." What is the word of Zhang Jingli County Public Security Bureau? "
When she drank it, the younger sister suddenly felt weak and even argued that "I’m not, I’m not" … She grabbed the hand of the manager next to her and said in a hurry, "Manager Zhang, help me talk!"
When it comes to going to the police station, this manager’s face changed quickly. "How should I know! You, you don’t involve my hand. You threw that sister down with such a hard swing.
"Oh, dear!" Those members rushed to try to pull her up, but this sister just stared at Manager Zhang, but she didn’t get up and cried.
Also cry and scold "well, when you want me, Zhang Qiang is the darling. If you don’t want me, you will push the ground!" I didn’t want your certificate with you last night-I was blind to see you. I don’t want to live … "
"You, you, you, you don’t want to talk nonsense and slander. Zhang Qiang will rush when he panics." I and you didn’t talk nonsense and slander me, and I will kill you, a sā wife … "
This is even worse. The younger sister sits on the ground and rolls and makes trouble. "Good you, Zhang Qiang, I’ll tell your wife later …" Kicking around with both hands and feet is like a raging bitch.
She suddenly got up and tried to hit the wall alive, and then the house was in chaos. This younger sister tried to die and leaned against the wall. The two clerks dragged and persuaded them to cry and shout; That Zhang Qiang’s face is purple radish, and he is also desperately rushing to fight; The doorman tried to stop Manager Zhang; Uncle Sun and I gaped at the play-what the hell is this?
I fucking tried this thing in the first instance and found out an affair …
"That’s enough of a thunderous roar loud!
Uncle Sun grew up and his eyes were cracked and his eyes sank. "Get old! What the fuck are they like? At sixes and sevens I don’t know the so-called he reached a finger "always tell you that you that pile of shit we don’t want to tube! But if you miss our big event now, you will spend your life in prison.
Uncle Sun’s outbursts are indeed not weak. These guys are a little short.
"Uncle sun is right! Stay here while you roll, and then fucking whine and I’ll call the police station. "When I hurry, I’ll also stand and drink a way." When the time comes, I’ll have to treat you guys for endangering national security. "
To say that Zhang Qiang is something, he immediately turned the rudder to appease everyone. "Yes, yes, we don’t speak-you don’t bother the leaders to investigate the case."
He bit the word "investigation" in his mouth so hard that he woke up all the people not to talk nonsense, so he stopped-this group of people finally stopped!
I snorted and turned around. I was just about to persuade Uncle Sun to take it easy. Suddenly my eyes caught sight of …
The shadow on the screen flashed!
Section two hundred and twenty-seven Sang Yu missing (3)
I looked at the screen in surprise, but there was nothing on it!
What’s going on here?
About 2 years ago, the hotel has started to install monitoring, but two problems have always been: first, things with low resolution can be seen roughly but details can’t be distinguished, which is almost the kind where people can see figures but can’t see faces; Second, the number is too small for several locations-this Loulan Hotel is no exception.
The location that the monitoring faces is the corridor in front of the door. It is absolutely impossible to sneak attack Sang Yu from there, right?
I slowly adjusted the screen and turned the speed back to a minute. I looked at it carefully. Sure enough, it was just Grandpa Sun and I who observed that there was a shadow on the screen that passed away. It looked like a bird with claws and wings.