"Very good, major. I’ll give you one." Zhao Li felt very good about this major Wang Feng at first. "You go to investigate which female employees have been recruited by the federal bank in the last five years, and now they have been promoted to senior executives."

Chapter two hundred and six Confidential secrets
"Yes, sir!" Wang Fengda promised to go out but was stopped by Zhao Li.
"You should be careful not to be discovered, especially by the federal banking department." Zhao Li remembered Ban Yunchan’s caution. Once she found out that someone was investigating, she would definitely be desperate.
"Yes, sir!" Wang Feng’s intelligence personnel naturally know the truth of caution, and Zhao Li told him to naturally raise this importance to a higher level.
Wait until Wang Feng leaves Zhao Licai to insert the device into his mind to see.
There is not much information. Perhaps, as Major Wang Feng said, all the information of prisoners has been cleared, and those who handled prisoners at that time were more able to judge that the person in charge of the arrest knew that these people were arrested, so no one knew that this situation directly led to the fact that there was no information about him except Zhao Li’s description.
These Zhao Li are not interested. What’s in his mind is clearer than these. What Zhao Li wants to know most is the investigation results of those who robbed the prison.
It is quite true that each of the three forces is responsible for a direction. Now there is no evidence table, which is the biggest possibility of the implementation of the joint plan of the three parties. This is a conclusion drawn after synthesizing all aspects of evidence, including the accidental interception of a voice communication by the military region.
Looking at this conclusion, Zhao Lishi doesn’t know what to say. The old warden hasn’t encountered such a thing for decades, but he has just taken over for a month, but he has encountered a planned three-way prison robbery. There seems to be no other reason than saying that he was limited at that time and would be taken advantage of.
The focus of the investigation is that it is impossible to come and go freely from those places where the warships can fly one hour from the military base. This is also a breakthrough for the Special Investigation Office.
It is estimated that Zhao Li’s own investigation also started from this aspect. Unfortunately, this investigation found that he later encountered the situation of Facha.
First of all, the investigators are not limited enough to conduct more in-depth investigation. Several military commanders need to be investigated, and few investigation officers can move at will, and soon the investigation of these officers was stopped. Fortunately, these officers in the investigation office seem to be doing their duty, and several suspected generals will come to power soon, but even so, the in-depth investigation is still carried out.
Then there is the martial arts from those prison robbers, but the scope is relatively limited. One is that there are too many people in the military special forces to locate them one by one. The other is that although it is rare, it also involves some secrets of genius schools. However, due to limited reasons, it is still impossible to find them here.
And that Michael’s report on Zhao Li was impressively listed, but Zhao immediately saw a mark, which was very obvious, and the evidence was insufficient to accept the judgment, and the judgment date seemed to be in the near future
At the end of the whole survey, several people who were suspected of being generals in Taiwan were listed, and he never made any progress. Zhao Li looked at this result and shook his head. No wonder he was very dissatisfied with the efficiency of the special investigation department, and it was not unreasonable
Suddenly, I found that there was something in the genius school, but Zhao Li didn’t expect it. No wonder Christine was able to treat the injury at that time, which can also explain why Christine briefly introduced Beng Yunjin at that time.
Zhao Li gently closed the screen and put away the device before slowly sinking into thought. If you want to investigate from the beginning and it has been so many years, where should you start?
Knock on the door gently. "Come in!" Zhao Li consciousness shouted 1
Li Mengdie came in from the outside to see Zhao Li. It’s natural to frown and walk behind him. The jade hand was gently placed on his forehead and the cold fingers were slowly kneaded to make Zhao Li awake.
"Linked to Christine?" Zhao Li simply closed his eyes and slowly enjoyed the tenderness of his lover.
"hmm!" Li Mengdie replied, "Her place is not very good. If you transfer her, she will be very happy."
"Then send her a transfer order!" Zhao Li’s reality is that worrying can help too few of our own people. Hearing this, Ma made a decision.
"Don’t you consult with General Lucas and them?" Li Mengdie seemed surprised that Zhao Li had to pull Christine in by herself.
"The general wants me to control the manpower of the special investigation department and there is no special requirement." Zhao Lixiao smiled. "Didn’t you come in?"
"Then I’ll discuss it with the school." Li Mengdie listened to Zhao Li and nodded. Zhao Li has never been so static. You can see this from the arrangement of his marginal planet.
The genius school responded very quickly. When I heard Li Mengdie’s report and communication, I directly agreed to Zhao Li’s request that the adjutant of the special investigation department and the confidential department are all genius school people. This is something that I didn’t dare to think about before. It is no longer an ordinary resistance to the rejection of the genius school by the military. It is strange that I don’t agree to this opportunity.
"Christine will arrive in two days." In less than ten minutes, Li Mengdie came back and told Zhao Li that Zhao Li nodded noncommittally.
"What are we going to do next?" Li Mengdie is curious about Zhao Li’s plans. So many days in the investigation office are dealing with old documents, which is very cumbersome. Even Li Mengdie is a little bored.
"Take a rest first" Zhao Li still closed his eyes "and then slowly find a few capable people"
"Are you going back to the military region?" In Li Mengdie’s impression, looking for someone must be to the military region of the journey planet or to the marginal planet, but it can make Li Mengdie look at a few Saunders, James and Nightfall. But one is now an instructor of the urban management guard and two are rainforest mining and five-star mining bosses. Will Zhao Lilai follow the investigation office? What if they leave Zhao Li’s marginal planet arrangement?
"No" smiled and Zhao Li was a little inscrutable. "Let’s go somewhere else to find someone." This answer made Li Mengdie confused.
The people in the investigation department are also very surprised that Zhao Lixin officials have nothing to do except clear up a group of people. There is neither the kind of wanton placement of cronies nor the rush to do something to show the meaning. No one knows what Zhao Li thinks, but no one is talkative and curious. It is a basic professional quality to be an intelligence worker. But it is a taboo to talk about it in private.
Two days later, Christine’s arrival caused a sensation in the human resources department of the headquarters of the investigation department. At this moment, Christine is no longer that kind of pure and charming, but that kind of mature amorous feelings that were accidentally leaked in a capable way. At this moment, Christine seems to be waiting for someone to pick a ripe fruit quietly. Although it doesn’t give people a wink, people who want her eyes to sweep and be watched can’t help but have a heartbeat.
When Zhao Li first saw Christine, Ma knew that Christine must have made a new breakthrough in this period, but Zhao Li had an appreciation for Christine. It seems that he has experienced so many iron and blood careers and his resistance to this temptation has increased to a higher level.
"Sir, Christine reports!" In the face of Zhao Like Christine, a standard military salute smiled at Zhao Lizhan.
"Congratulations!" Zhao Li seems to have said this inexplicably, but both Li Mengdie and Christine know that he is congratulating Christine on her new entry.
It’s a pity that I still can’t find you. After a sentence, Christine resumed her attitude towards Zhao Li. The bitterness expressed in the words made people feel self-sustaining
"hey!" Zhao Li couldn’t help but wake up and say, "You’re here to be my confidential. The high-profile investigation of work efficiency doesn’t make them lose their minds all day." Zhao Li himself can stand this temptation because he had frequent contact with Christine from the beginning, but those workers outside may not have this concentration.
"Don’t worry, their work efficiency will be twice as high as before." Christine covered her mouth with a charming smile and then stood up. "Sir, where do I work?"
"Next to my office is Adie’s office." Confidential nature can’t be too far away from the director. Zhao Li pointed out a position for Christine, but his mouth was very serious and said, "Christine, you know our position behind each other. I don’t want that to affect us."
"I am white!" Christine is a very clever person and naturally knows what Zhao Li is talking about. She came here because she belongs to the person who focuses on charm in the gifted school. This direction is also the best intelligence personnel. Did she come here because the high-level officials in the school placed high hopes on her and gave special instructions?
Zhao Li looked at Christine’s eyes and was not afraid of the slightly bitterness in her eyes. It seemed to see how much of what she said was true or false. After a while, Zhao Li leaned back with a relaxed face. "I can finally relax when I leave all the paperwork to you."
Look at this picture made by Zhao Li. Parker Christine smiled while covering her mouth. It was very elegant to walk to her desk because she could see the situation outside the secret room. When Christine sat gently, there were fifty pairs of eyes staring at Christine outside.
It is estimated that the whole investigation department envies an iceberg beauty adjutant around Zhao Liyanfu, and here comes another beautiful and charming beauty confidential. I don’t know which high-level person Zhao Li is, but I don’t understand that Zhao Li’s record suddenly pulls such two beautiful women around him.
But Christine has a lot of energy. Dealing with copywriters is Christine’s specialty, and she is interested in getting familiar with those workers outside. Everyone in the special investigation department is as crazy as clockwork. Christine seems to be the director of the special investigation department instead of Zhao Li.