However, Mei Qing has always been comfortable with this Zhuo Xiaoxian.

Tao Zhongwen’s purpose is in Mei Qing, but Mei Qing’s performance is so eye-catching that Tao Zhongwen is a little worried about whether he can successfully control Mei Qing.
Therefore, when I saw that the situation in the field was not good, I took advantage of the fact that all the people in the field were stunned by the changes just now and did not hesitate to take the lead.
Seeing Tao Zhongwen and moving is a palm in the sleeve secretly sipping in the mouth, and Mei Qing’s head suddenly shows a five-color light group hovering and rolling like a huge plum blossom.
Tao Zhongwen has always had a Buddhist name, but not many people have really seen it. At this time, many people in his hand cried and remembered that they had seen such techniques when they challenged six plums in the plum blossom gate. They all woke up from the shock of Mei Qing smashing Zhuo’s jade seal in late spring and turned their attention to the field.
At this time, Mei Qing was in the middle of the school. Although it seems very easy for him to meet in late spring just now, it actually consumes a lot. Finally, taking Jieshi at high pressure in Yuyin mobilized the body of Zhenyuan. The last one thousand pounds of pressure on Jieshi has already been exerted again. If you let him deal with the Tao Zhongwen offensive at this time, you will spare no effort.
But Mei Qing looked at five plum blossom-shaped flowers appearing in his head, but he didn’t panic. He just smiled, and when the crane’s wings were on display, he chased the landing Jieshi to fly.
Tao Zhongwen’s face was cold and abnormal. With a twist of five fingers in his sleeve, he saw the colorful plum color in the flower. When the color changed, the fog around him filled with clouds and covered the sky. It was like the sky falling to make track for Mei Qing.
Just as everyone this time, Mei Qing must have suddenly smelled Zhang Yuchong drinking a "hurry like a law!" Then see five little operators suddenly appeared in the Mei Qingfang just stopped the five-color plum blossom angrily.
A pale white flame exploded so quickly, and then it was like a gust of wind blowing black and white, distorting a piece of fiery theory. In Mei Qing, the flame array shone with dazzling light and fog. Among the light and fog, it was like a snake running away, and then a hot wind suddenly flew around and baked the surrounding atmosphere with white smoke.
The flame started to rumble again with a vigorous thunder, and large chunks of mud and stones flew out like a tornado with flying sand and dust. Large chunks of small grains of sand and stones rolled back like waterfalls and spilled inclusions in the front. The flame swept over and descended on Tao Zhongwen.
At that time, it was as frantic as the sky were to fall on the ground, and the water arrows burst and hit the giant wood, and the five elements of sharp instruments moved in unison with all kinds of random shots of light and the strange wild noise was mixed into a large array of five elements while bursting and hitting the whole piece covered with Tao Zhongwen.
Tao Zhongwen was shocked and immediately felt that the five-color plum was in danger of falling apart in front of the violent five-element symbol. Zhenyuan was almost in a mess, and hurriedly collected the five-color plum and forced it to gather in one place while holding the right palm again. A five-color plum blossom-shaped light group was pushed forward from the back.
They are also surprised to see Tao Zhongwen suddenly sneak attack. Although they are surprised or disdainful in their hearts, they all feel that this time Mei Qing is bound to return to heaven. I didn’t expect Zhang Yuchong to make moves at first, but after that, the first five lines of operators were even more shocked by Zhang Yuchong’s repair in Tao Zhongwen’s heart.
In fact, Zhang Yu Chong and Mei Qing both knew that although Tao Zhongwen made the first move on the surface, in fact, there were two of them in the field who knew the details of Mei Qing’s stone and guessed the result early, so naturally they had already made preparations, so actually speaking, Zhang Yuchong took advantage.
Tao Zhongwen is still unknown.
Chongxiu is really much higher than himself, so there is such a potential if you shoot at will.
Rao is his battle-hardened and somewhat hectic. Seeing was that the first Shigemitsu has been killing the five elements of Zhang Yuchong. He hurriedly left his hand and shook another group of five elements to make moves. This just missed the other offensive.
At this time, Mei Qing was not idle, and while recovering, he locked Zhuo’s mouth in late spring and shouted, "Yin and Yang are sentenced to Lei Sheng’s ban!"
Zhuo late spring was just struck by the Jieshi, and the true Yuan spirit was almost shaken out of the body. Therefore, Yu Zan, a multiplier, turned into a jade seal, bearing a wounded body directly. He did not care about it, just as he was trying to get out, but he felt that his whole body was blocked by a forbidden art in Mei Qing.
In fact, at this time, Mei Qing is already a spent force. This forbidden art is far from being solid and solid. But at this time, Zhuo’s late spring is even worse. One hundred percent of his life has gone to seven adults. Really, Yuan’s outbreak still appeases the uncertainty. Where can he earn it when Mei Qing is banned from the local area?
Zhuo late spring, although he didn’t look up, already felt the cold sweat behind the rustling wind. He knew that if he hesitated again, he was afraid of being here.
See Zhuo binge drinking in late spring. Suddenly, the golden light on his head suddenly put a halo like a shaped baby. Suddenly, it came out with two fingers pointing to the zenith mouth. Yi, ah, recited, "Three holes, three yuan, nine bodies and nine bodies in Qingyuan are robbed of armor! Order! "
However, after seeing Zhuo’s baby spell on his head in late spring, Zhuo’s eyes suddenly opened with a golden halo, and he was born by his side. He wrapped himself in it and shook it all over, and then he took it out from Mei Qing’s forbidden art. Look at his fingers dancing together and struggling to pinch the spell. A calculation will display a soil escape technique.
It happened that Zhang Yuchong’s five elements in Tao Zhongwen’s duel were in a mess, so Zhuo’s evasion in late spring also brought him to move a few meters and then appeared in the same place, and the golden light had dissipated. Fortunately, this movement was always out of the Jieshi blow range, and the golden wind blew Zhuo’s late spring blow to the ground and slipped out for a few feet, which made him unable to earn money at the local time.
Mei Qing laughed in his heart but didn’t stop, urging Linghe to chase after the future. When Jieshi was going to the ground, he secretly took the Jieshi back to his mustard.
Mei Qing, who scrambled to hide the Jieshi, also planned to surprise Zhuo Xiaoxian this time. This move is afraid of being greatly famous. In this case, he will try his best to keep the mystery of Jieshi away before everyone can see it. It is not fun to let people see through the loose-packed.
When they saw Mei Qing’s mysterious stone winning with such a fierce blow, they disappeared with a wave of their confidence, so it was easy to lift the weight, and they were really frightened at the moment.
Zhuo didn’t earn until late spring when Mei put away the stone early in the morning and looked at him with a smiling face, but it was silent. Zhuo’s magic weapon was damaged in late spring, and he was beaten to death. Even the secret method of preparing the door in Du Jie in the future was forced out in front of the facade of heaven. This time, he was planted home. He looked at Mei Qing with a wry smile and felt that his heart was full of blood and he wanted to say something, but he felt that he didn’t know anything.
At this time, the struggle between Zhang Yuchong and Tao Zhongwen is still in progress.
Tao Zhongwen’s pressure in Zhang Yu has retreated, and then retreated. His posture is so great that his body moves around with fireworks. When he sees the flash of five colors, he will see his body retreating to several feet and his hands crisscross one after another. Although it seems to be always in the wind in front of Zhang Yuchong’s aggressive five-line operator, it will be heavy and heavy until five or six times before finally strangling all the five-line operators.
Zhang Yuchong ha ha a smile "Canon reality how to say hello to also don’t play? This is not like your status as a Buddhist, is it? "
Tao Zhongwen’s face was heavy as water, and he didn’t seem to hear Zhang Yuchong’s teasing for a while. Suddenly, his body moved again, but he didn’t advance and retreated, so he suddenly flew backwards and walked away.
Seeing that his posture is extremely fast, but he flies dozens of feet without any fireworks, he will see that his body suddenly becomes thoroughly general and then disappears.
Everyone is a fool. Is this code that the real person is not good enough to leave? I think that the real person enjoys a long reputation and is so aggressive. How can he give up so easily?
Mei Qing is also Zheng, and suddenly an idea flashed through his mind like a flash, shouting "No!" to be continued
The third volume Chapter 53 tight encirclement