"Marca" newspaper finally took out a killer this time.

An article written by Harvey pazos Rosales criticizing Hertha’s tactical conservatism finally appeared in the headline of Marca. Although the text is still on the page, it is completely different from the previous one. Even the headline will not appear in the first one. This time, it is simply the headline.
This treatment means that Changsheng has finally received a bigger bet.
Marca seems to be going to turn the criticism of winning into a criticism of tactical direction.
As if the whole Spanish football style would go backwards for several years if Hertha played like this.
It’s really a virtue that winning constantly can change the atmosphere of Spanish football … so that people of insight in Spain are so worried?
For the first time, Hertha, the headline of Marca, received more attention.
But also attract that attention of many people who didn’t know them before.
There are even China compatriots who always win.
Shi Bin is now a reporter of China’s largest circulation Sports Weekly in Madrid.
Only two years after graduating from college, he officially compiled Sports Weekly. It was very strange for overseas reporter Shi Bin to turn from an ordinary student to a sports professional newspaper with the largest circulation in China.
When he was an ordinary China student studying in Spain, he often liked to read Sports Weekly to introduce Spanish football because of his love for football.
After a long time, he became a part-time special correspondent while studying abroad.
As soon as I graduated from college, I naturally became the newspaper’s long-term correspondent in Spain because of my outstanding performance in the past.
Responsible for interviewing La Liga teams and stars, mainly giants such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, because this is what China readers are most interested in.
He is still conscientious and often goes to the training ground of the team to attend various press conferences, and then writes interviews according to what he has gained in the press conferences.
But then he found it too tiring to do so.
Moreover, the newspaper asked him to come up with an exclusive interview in a few days.
Interview with a superstar!
Is that so easy to get?
Chinese editor YY is in his office. All the superstars go out and go home like their neighbors. When they meet, they can all talk about how much beef in the vegetable market has gone up today. Yesterday, the couple next door had a loud affectionate voice …
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
That’s a world-class superstar!
If idle people can easily see it? And an interview …
Do you know that these superstars are all interviewing people, and you can interview them with any cat, dog and so on?
You can’t get an exclusive interview with these superstars without long-term contact with them.
But he told the national newspaper that he pointed to other people’s newspapers and asked him, "You said it was not so easy to get an interview, so how did other people’s newspapers get an interview?"
So he can find his own way to get an interview.
In the end, he really summed up a set of effective methods-following other reporters from many countries to interview a star is lucky that his questions can be answered by the other side. This is the so-called "mixed interview". When he comes back, all other reporters are kicked into asking their own questions, so reporters from other countries just disappear, leaving their own reporters and interviewees. Isn’t that a one-on-one interview?
He admires his intelligence too much.
After that, he sent an interview back to the newspaper, which was all cooked up like this.
These interviews really made his work well received by newspaper leaders.
It is with these high-quality interviews that Sports Weekly gradually surpassed other countries’ sports newspapers and occupied the first place in sales.
Readers are particularly interested in this kind of interview. For China fans, this is the best way for them to understand the secrets of European football when the Internet is still underdeveloped.
However, the opportunity of mixed visits is not always available.
However, readers like this kind of interview very much, and naturally the newspaper should arrange more such interviews.
When there were not enough opportunities for mixed visits, Cong Shibin thought of a good way-make up an interview by himself!
By reading the interview articles in big newspapers such as Marca, we can get to know the basic information of those superstars and try our best to make them well-founded and not show any flaws
At the same time, in order to strengthen his speaking ability, he also went to the photo studio where the interviewees took photos. Every time he sent an interview manuscript back to China, he would take photos with the interviewees. Sometimes it was really near the training ground, sometimes it was in the club administrative building, and sometimes it looked like it was in a private house.
In general, these group photos fully show his great personal friendship with these superstars to the fans who have never seen the world in China, so the details revealed in his interview are naturally credible.
Anyway, at present, the newspaper is not large enough and has no financial resources to set up a permanent office in Madrid and arrange some other reporters to report all over Spain. He is the only one.
In addition, Chinese media is a typical weak media in the football world, which will not cause others to pay attention to the fact that Chinese fans don’t know what is going on outside and the outside media don’t know what the China media said, which creates a natural opportunity for him to falsify.
At the same time, he is responsible for reporting Spanish football. How can he be busy when he is alone? But this is the place where the newspaper will punish him if he can’t finish it, which also makes him feel at ease to fabricate an interview.
Since then, Shi Bin, a journalist who once loved football and pursued it, has officially changed his job and become an excellent novelist.
Chapter ninety-nine Special topics on characters
Shi Binqian never cared about the League B because of this league. Since the fans in China don’t care, why does he bother to do anything?
Although he has long subscribed to Marca, AS and other major sports newspapers in Spain and Madrid.
But he watches La Liga news.
He can’t even turn over the second division.
After he got the Marca newspaper, he scanned his head first. What’s worth noting?
Then I went directly to the first division.
Then take notes on reading newspapers frequently, make up interviews by yourself, and call it a day.
Why did he make up an interview to deceive so many fans and peers in China?
This has something to do with his great attention to receiving these materials. He receives materials not only related to football, but also those hexagrams, because he knows that these are all panaceas to enhance the authenticity of an interview.
From this point of view, Shi Bin is a novelist with professional ethics.
Today, when he got the latest issue of Marca, he was surprised to find that the most eye-catching headline was not Real Madrid or Barcelona, but a very shocking thing.
"China tyrant is killing our football!"
Shi Bin, a journalist with professional sensitivity, saw the Spanish word "China" at first sight.
He has studied and worked here for six years and has never seen the word "China" in the headline of Marca.
The word yes is enough to make him interested in this report.
What’s the matter with Spanish football China?
What does a tyrant in China have?
I have to say that Shi Bin has been obsessed with compiling all kinds of interviews by himself in the past two years, and the focus has been on several Spanish giants. He has never paid attention to other Spanish football, even if it were not for such strong teams as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and La Coruna, when he reported on them, he directly copied the articles of his Spanish counterparts.
It is unheard of for the China compatriot who has become a celebrity in Xiyi and has always won Shibin.
He doesn’t even know who "China tyrant" refers to.