The plot between Hua and Nangong Ling finally exposed Chu Liuxiang’s wisdom.

Chu Liuxiang has saved the reputation of Shaolin and Beggars’ Sect, but no one knows what happened to Li Zhichang in this issue.
Chu Liuxiang knew but didn’t say that he didn’t covet the credit, but knew that Li Zhichang didn’t want him to preach his help in this matter everywhere.
For so many years, such a powerful man has never made a great name in the Jianghu, saying that he didn’t care. Naturally, these Chu Liuxiang won’t give Li Zhichang any trouble.
Li Zhichang showed him that he had stolen from Nangong Ling’s house. He told Tianfeng people and several prestigious predecessors of the Beggars’ Sect.
The reason why the flower plot can be uncovered so easily is that a wooden fish has been found in Nangong Ling’s home in Chu Liuxiang, and there is a diary in it to remember the things that I feel proud of spending these years.
If a person does a great thing and doesn’t appreciate it, it must be extremely painful. People like flowers can’t help but write some proud things.
For example, he once had sex with a girl in Shenshui Palace, so he stole the water from Tianyi.
In this world, even Chu Liuxiang may not be able to bring something out of Shenshui Palace, but he has done such a thing. If he can’t remember to spend it, he won’t forgive himself.
It was he who didn’t put the great things he had done in his home, because he lived in a humble and exquisite place and could never hide in a secret place. He hid in the Nangong Lingjia.
Unfortunately, it finally became evidence of his own conspiracy. He never dreamed that it would be so simple to expose the conspiracy.
He also thought about what would happen if he failed in the future, but he didn’t know that he would fail so suddenly.
The Nangong Spirit’s home is already full of Shaolin Beggars’ Master Nangong Spirit, who has long been taken into custody.
In Nangong Ling Small Courtyard, the bamboo leaves are dense, the vegetation is secluded, and the bamboo curtain hangs deeply all around the pavilion. Looking through the bamboo curtain, you can vaguely see two figures sitting cross-legged. The courtyard is silent, the wind blows, and the bamboo curtain is flowing. It seems as if it is already days.
The person on the right is the flower.
In front of him stood a small purple clay stove, a copper pot, a cattail leaf fan and a delicate tea set. At the moment, the tea cups about the size of three wine glasses were filled with tea, and a burst of tea fragrance came out of the bamboo curtain, and the fragrance of flowers and bamboo was really intoxicating.
Sitting opposite the flower is none other than Chu Liuxiang.
Hua Dao: "Thank you for making a good cup of tea before I am taken away."
Chu Liuxiang sighed, "This is the last thing I can do for you and the only thing my friend can do."
Hua Dao "If you treat me as a friend, why can’t you cut me some slack?"
Chu Liuxiang primly said, "Because I am your friend, I can’t watch you go wrong all the time."
Huadao "Am I really wrong? My father is Tianfeng Shiro, and it is his last wish that I plot the Wulin in the Central Plains, and my mother is the only descendant of the Huangshan family. In those days, the seven schools of the right path almost destroyed the Huangshan family because of the same spirit. Shouldn’t I be angry with them and then retaliate? "
Chu Liuxiang said, "But you shouldn’t kill so many people and you shouldn’t instigate the Nangong spirit to kill Ci."
Hua laughed. "That’s all. Don’t they ever kill anyone?"
Chu Liuxiang said, "That’s not the reason why you can kill them. You can’t do something wrong to cover up another mistake."
Hua sighed, "I am not angry with anyone who said this, but you are an exception, because I know that you have never killed anyone wrong or wronged anyone in your life."
Chapter 30 Fake death
Chu Liuxiang said, "I have asked Master Tianfeng to meditate on the back hill of Shaolin in Putian in the future. Besides losing your freedom, you can still do what you like, and you can’ tune the piano and read the Golden Classics’."
Huadao "no need"
He raised his cup and took a sip of green tea.
Chu Liuxiang followed and raised a cup of flowers, but he stretched out his hand to stop him.
Hua calmly said, "There is a miraculous water in this cup of tea. I will die if I drink it. I hope you can throw my body into the sea after I die. I came from the sea and now I want to go back to the sea."
This is the last sentence that Hua said, and then his face and body became swollen, which is a unique performance after he was in the water.
God’s water and medicine can be saved.
The master around has entered the bamboo curtain. Chu Liuxiang quietly looked at the flower corpse and sighed for a long time. People like him don’t deserve to die, but he knows that the flower died to save his own dignity.
Although he didn’t kill Huahua, he died because of him. He lost another friend in the long world.
He threw his body into the sea according to Hua’s last words.
There won’t be any sea fish to bite the body of the man who won the water in the sky. I hope that the flower body can melt into the sea and wash away his sins. This is the only thing Chu Liuxiang can do.
Ishida Zhai and the Sakura girl are returning to Japan, and the moon and the sea are rising.
There was a distant musical sound, and when they heard the musical sound, they couldn’t help but be surprised. Because the crew, including Shi Tianzhai, couldn’t play such a musical sound, so who was the pianist? It seems that their ship has sneaked into outsiders.
Follow the piano and go out to see a monk in white as snow playing the piano.
Ishida Zhai sank, "Hua didn’t die?"
Hua smiled and said, "Of course I won’t die." He fooled everyone, including Chu Liuxiang. He didn’t deceive Chu Liuxiang. He benefited Chu Liuxiang’s friendship with him.
Ishida Zhai said, "We can’t kill you if you want us to kill you. If you want to make trouble with me, then do it."
Hua Dao: "Mr. Shi Tianzhai’s swordsmanship is not much different even if he doesn’t learn to wear clothes. Flowers won’t humiliate himself, but the Central Plains has my foothold. Take me back to Japan through the west wind of Mr. Shi Tianzhai."
Ishida Zhai said, "Did you know that Li Zhichang will also go to Japan when the cherry blossoms fall in 2008? Aren’t you afraid of being discovered?"
Flowers look a lane change "really"
Sakura chuckled, "It turns out that famous flowers are also afraid of this wild fox Zen."
Hua said slowly, "Without him, I would never have failed. It would be useless to be defeated."
Ishida Zhai showed his appreciation. Among the rising stars, he appreciated flowers the most, or he wouldn’t take the initiative to get along with them. He was very willing to send top ninjas from Kaga and Iga to assassinate Chu Liuxiang and Li Zhichang. Although he lost two top forbearance, he didn’t mean to blame flowers.
Before going out to sea, he heard that the flower died, and he still had some regrets. I didn’t expect the flower to be a fake death.
Ishida Zhai said, "So, do you want to go to Japan with us?"
Flower light a smile "do you have any Jiahe and Iga ninjas who can deal with Li Zhichang masters? I don’t think any of them. In that case, I naturally won’t go to Japan again."
Sakura said, "You are really unmanly."
Huadao "You forgot? I am a monk. "
Ishida Zhai said, "But if you don’t go to Japan now, where else can you stand?"
Hua Dao: "Don’t forget that there are still three caves in the sly rabbit. Since I have prepared a back road, there will never be one."
This is a small town near Malian River in Huachi County, Qingyang, Gansu Province.
In the scorching sun, sandstorm and loess, the naked woman in the poor town is holding the vegetable-colored children’s wooden door and peeking behind it.
However, this small town on the barren loess plateau can be regarded as rich and prosperous, because it is the only place with clear water nearby for hundreds of miles.
Li Zhichang’s ultimate destination is not here, but Shi Guanyin’s residence in the desert.
In those days, he released Shi Guanyin once because the other side vowed never to enter Middle Earth. Unfortunately, Shi Guanyin broke his promise and he naturally came to the desert.
His body grew up in Huashan, and he was also benefited by Huashan Sect, so he would only deal with Shi Guanyin in those days, but it is only natural for the Shi Guanyin family to take revenge.
Li Zhichang can kill her, but it doesn’t conform to his own habits.