I came here today to discuss two things with the Prince’s Palace. Carlos continued after sitting alone in the seat regardless of whether the dragonfly was reacting. Yesterday, I told you that I would hand over the punk land occupied by the inferno to the Tianlong Army. You mistook it for that because I wanted to provoke human beings to kill each other. In fact, this is not the truth.

Although you may not believe it, I still hope to tell the truth. First of all, the main goal of this inferno heavenly army attack on punk is to regulate the army of punk. Although in the end, we directly commanded the Tianlong army, but we were defeated by you in the end.
Morally speaking, we were defeated by punk, but despite the feelings of the inferno people, especially when signing an armistice agreement, it should not be said that it was a defeat agreement. We also hope that it will be the Tianlong Army instead of the punk, so we will hand over the land occupied by Tianlong Army, and I believe that your leadership of Tianlong Army will definitely handle this problem properly.
So I’m wrong about you. I don’t know if dragonfly is a colleague because of Carlos’ words. Actually, from his tone at the moment, the North Ghost King has talked about nothing and he won’t believe it.
The temple wants you to be satisfied with White King’s painstaking king, and the northern ghost king said shamelessly
Hehe, it’s very kind of you today. Please tell me what I can do for you. The only thing I can do for you is that you can’t have a war with humans for 30 years, and I hope to give a positive answer in person.
Dragonfly is not an idiot, so he will soon see that Carlos’ special courtesy to him must be something else. Therefore, before the North Ghost King asked for it, he changed his conditions. Dragonfly is very white, and his life is running out. At present, he is still as self-interested as possible. Dragon Army strives for greater and more life.
So that the Prince’s Palace will listen to the king’s orders and help him finish a few things in the next few days. Wang Ke’s reputation as an inferno guarantees you that he will never take the initiative to wage war on mankind for 30 years. After hearing the conditions of the dragonfly, the Northern Ghost King actually agreed.
Although the dragonfly is very understanding of the North Ghost King’s simple promise, he can still believe in the honor guarantee of the inferno king.
Now that the other party has promised to ask himself, the dragonfly can also promise the North Ghost King’s condition. After seeing the dragonfly turn to face the demon king, he said, since this is the case, what can you do for me?
The prince’s palace is a quick talker. Come with me and finish the last sentence, and the Northern Ghost King will turn away.
Although the dragonfly agreed to the North Ghost King’s request, his heart has also planned to violate him because Carlos asked the dragonfly to slaughter human beings and encourage the inferno’s ferocity. When talking about the dragonfly, he will never be in cahoots with him
In fact, because Carlos also has another plan in Longfei Bai’s personality, he will never give up dragonfly, a powerful assistant, and suggested to him yesterday on a cold hakodate. After a night of repeated thinking, he finally made up his mind to implement the cold hakodate proposal.
This is not only because the North Ghost King is eager to show his plans, but also because the sudden disappearance of Diablo Cry Blade has made him more interested in Dragonfly.
Axew has been living in the tomb of the royal family since ancient times, and has been guarding the tomb of the first generation of the Northern Ghost King for thousands of years. In the Northern Ghost Royal Family, when the boy grows up to 15 years old, he will challenge the Axew custom alone. Although he will be protected by the Northern Ghost King during the challenge, the danger is still there.
More than 20 years ago, Carlos once challenged Axew, but at that time, the memory could be terrible. It was not the generation of the Northern Ghost King whose skill was extraordinary. He was able to save Inkaros when the dragon tooth beast went crazy. Maybe now the Northern Ghost King Root will not be there, so he will tremble at the thought of Axew in the deep memory of Inkaros.
However, at this moment, he has completed his goal because Carlos can summon up the courage to face the horrible monster again, and he is not around to protect the North Ghost King and replace a human being.
Dragonfly followed Carlos through the tunnel and came to a strange land, where birds and flowers are no longer singing and flowers are no longer blooming, and the mountains are green and the same scene as hell is presented to Dragonfly.
The black trunk of the swamp, which is constantly bubbling and giving off a strong stench, stands askew in the swamp without any anger. The poisonous snake occasionally passes by the dragonfly’s eyes and all kinds of grotesque and ugly creatures are constantly around them. Although there are no bones here, you can guess how many murders are buried from the marsh that emits biogas.
You’re not surprised at the Prince’s Palace. It’s the most dangerous place in the inferno, and it’s also the tomb of the kings of the Northern Ming Dynasty. The poisons in these swamps are the best natural guards and they protect the remains of the former king.
No one can enter here except the northern Ming royal family, but now I have to face the guards here, Axew, because I have to find the beast tooth demon singing the sword buried in the depths.
I think the temple must have known for a long time that the 11 weapons of the destroyer, the Diablo Crying Magic Blade, have nothing to do with me, but the beast, the tooth, the demon and the sword have risen and fallen in our family. As you saw yesterday, even a low-grade scale snake family dared to be presumptuous in front of the king, not to mention the other two old-fashioned colorful-winged kings and three-eyed kings.
Because I want human beings to coexist equally in the inferno, many races have been disgusted with me for a long time, and they will surely unite to resist.
Although my martial arts is at its peak in the Northern Ghost Royal Family, compared with the other two monarchs, there is still a certain distance, not to mention that I have no chance to win after they joined forces. I must practice the highest extinction mantra of the Northern Ghost Royal Family in a short time, and the necessary condition for practicing this martial arts is that the beast, the tooth, the demon and the sword are very different, and it is difficult to tell the truth from the false.
Of course, the dragonfly can also think with a grain of salt about the true purpose of the Northern Ghost King, but on the whole, the dragonfly finally knows that the purpose of coming to this terrible place this time is to find out what beast, tooth and demon are singing swords.
In fact, from dragonfly’s attitude towards the North Ghost King at the moment, we can understand the harmony of human inferno. After dragonfly followed the North Ghost King to the magic capital of Kaqila, the North Ghost King did enough work on the surface. However, no matter how hard he tried, Dragonfly still had doubts about him, not to mention understanding him. Dragonfly would be together with the inferno, but it was just a promise, hoping to strive for greater advantages for mankind.
Following the Northern Ghost King, Dragonfly walked slowly to the depths of the swamp. The Northern Ghost King kept waking up that it might be dangerous around Dragonfly and told him that magic was near the magic protection tomb, so he chose to walk.
About half an hour later, they left the struggling swamp and stepped on a solid land. Looking around, Dragonfly found a cave built on a mountain not far away. I think it is the royal tomb mentioned by the Northern Ghost King.
However, the Northern Ghost King walked directly to the cave with the dragonfly, but when the two were about to enter the cave, a beast roared suddenly from the depths of the cave.
Well, Axew should be in the depths of the tomb. Why did he come near the entrance? Carlos’ frown seemed to be deeply worried.
Who cares? Go ahead and have a look. No matter whether it’s inside or outside, we always want that guy to be fearless and fearless, and then take steps and stop staying.
However, Carlos is not as reckless as Dragonfly. Seeing that he stretched out his hand and stopped Dragonfly, he said, Prince’s Temple, please wait for a while. Axew is the first of 36 Warcraft, and his ability to almost hold on to the undead is that his attack speed, magical power and anti-strike ability are not ordinary Warcraft or human beings can compare with him. Don’t be careless when fighting, otherwise the failure must be us.
Well, I know that the dragonfly saw that the North Ghost King looked serious and knew that what he said at the moment must not be far off the mark, so he was ready to fight the fierce Warcraft at any time.
I feel that the dragonfly has gathered the true qi in the body, and the North Ghost King will no longer say anything more. The backhand sword wrapped around the waist is the first to walk towards the cave.
At the same time, the dragonfly also followed the escort posture, but the two of them had not yet advanced to the entrance, and a hot breath had been sprayed from the cave mouth.
Danger dragonfly because Carlos both felt the danger coming, and saw the two men bounce up and fly like a flash. On both sides, just as they were off the ground, a red flame came from the cave and instantly enveloped them in the ground.
Watching the jumping flame in front of me, I feel the earth shaking and sweating. Now, on his forehead, he has to face the monster, which is the first of Warcraft in the mainland 36 years ago.
The shock became stronger and stronger, and the earth seemed to tremble slightly through those burning flames, and a black shadow appeared at the entrance of the cave
Ha monty Reto cannon can’t be seen by the dragonfly. See the true face of the Chu Dragon Tooth Beast. Because Carlos has floated up and hung in the middle, he got up and got angry. The dragonfly has never seen a powerful force attacking Axew just now.
Violet light like a raging wave descended from the sky like rain, crossed the flame barrier and shot directly at Axew’s body. Although the dragonfly didn’t calculate it carefully, judging by his eyes, he knew that Carlos had sent a thousand less purple air masses in the three-second battle.
Dragonfly finally confessed to Carlos gap. He was attacked by this degree as soon as Carlos fought. Then he was already shattered.
Damn it, look at the dragonfly that has been blown into a ball and fly into the entrance, and think to itself.
However, a furious roar entered the dragonfly’s ear at the same time and was attacked by Incaros. At the entrance of the cave, a red light flew from the dust all over the sky and went straight to Incaros at an alarming speed.
Almost when the dragonfly found this light, Carlos screamed at the same time and fell rapidly from it.