Wenguang and Scarface will be here naturally because of orders, but they didn’t follow the ink dust to get in. The reason why the team came together was because Liu Yaoxin knew that people were coming to this side and tied them to Zongjiu, and then he was asked to come over with people to prepare to receive Zongjiu.

Wenguang knows that Zong Jiu, um, must not have arrived in Asahi yet. People here have directly entered the sunset mountain area with people. In fact, Hu Yingxue and their front and back feet are Hu Yingxue. They are a little earlier and they are a little late.
Because it is the right way to go, it is not as many curved roads as the narrow path. Wenguang and his party walk faster than Hu Yingxue and his party, but they can’t hold back. This road idiot Wenguang took the wrong road without paying attention to him. Fortunately, I still remember that they were always heading west and met a grass demon who could tell the direction clearly.
Scarface never said anything about the grass demon, but he would put his hand out and shove the grass demon into Wenguang’s hand to "give my son a nice name"
Wenguang asked what characteristics the little grass demon had and laughed. "Is it called Zilianru?"
"Your name doesn’t seem to be so good, but it’s much better than I thought." Scarface reached out and held the grass demon back. "After remembering you, it’s called Zilian."
At this time, someone in front turned back. "The venerable one found our skeleton temple in front, saying that he was waiting here for the children of Asahi City to enter the network, but he never saw anyone to see us, so he wanted to ask if he had met me and said that we had not met anyone all the way."
"They are also hard-working. You will bring us Dan medicine to give them some points." Before Wenguang came here, he learned more about the situation here, and he knew what he was thinking when he met him. He naturally wanted to send condolences with Dan medicine specially added.
Chapter 371′ Steal’ Listening to VS acquaintances even now
"Stop one"
Yu Cai suddenly saw that everyone stopped in order. Yu Cai leaned down and touched a few stones that didn’t look regular, and then he frowned.
Hu Yingxue saw that the gods swept those stones and found that there was a weak aura fluctuation on the surface, and he quickly swept all the gods around a mile. Except for a few weak aura fluctuations, he didn’t find anything unusual.
Because nothing was found, Hu Yingxue planned to take back his knowledge. Just now, he had this idea that a man and a woman fell from the sky behind a seemingly hidden boulder.
The girl is very beautiful, but it’s hard to hide around the eyebrow eye. Qing Wu looks like a low-level female ghost who looks somewhat feminine. The eyebrow eye is slightly familiar, but Hu Yingxue can’t remember that she has seen this person.
Men’s eyebrows and eyes can’t be said to be ugly, but when they are combined, they will make people feel too ordinary and have no distinctive appearance, so that you can’t remember when you turn around. This person also makes Hu Yingxue feel familiar but doesn’t remember seeing him.
After the foot touched the ground, the woman raised her hand and touched the man’s chest, and her fingers circled. It’s really not too strong. Hu Yingxue didn’t watch people play the erotic palace. Once again, she planned to take back her knowledge.
Just about to move again, the man grabbed the woman’s wrist and said with a cold face, "Just say what Eta Ursae Majoris wants and says, and don’t come with me. Even if you are really willing to take it off, I’m still worried about being sucked into adulthood by you."
Eta Ursae Majoris Hu Yingxue was still very impressed by this name. After all, it was because she lived in Jiu that she had the opportunity to be born. It was also because she lived in Jiu that she had the opportunity to be received by Wei Zhe and become her great-grandson Hu Yingxue.
God knows’ see’ her eyes again. The woman felt familiar before because her facial features are somewhat similar to those of Eta Ursae Majoris. In addition to Eta Ursae Majoris, there are some people like the ringtone fairy who already knows what happened in the prison of Tongji City. Naturally, it is certain that this Eta Ursae Majoris is a different shell than Eta Ursae Majoris.
Eta Ursae Majoris’s cultivation is no longer the code of wooden spiders. The reason is that her spiritual roots are so poor that she can’t meet the minimum standards of the code of wooden spiders. Otherwise, she can find another two-man double major in Shui Mu to have a good spiritual root. She doesn’t care about starting all over again.
Although it is still a fairy road now, it is also necessary to unseal the power sealed in the body earlier, and to have a strong cultivation as soon as possible. At the same time, she has cultivated an auxiliary evil skill that can help others to cultivate themselves through some kind of close contact. It is precisely this news that people have been exposed, and now no one is chasing her.
It should be because of something that people are asked to be said by that person. Eta Ursae Majoris is not angry at all. It is a bit awkward to draw his hand back, but when he draws his hand back, his body is stuck, and most of his breasts are against the male body.
"It’s really a piece of wood." Seeing a man with a cold face and Eta Ursae Majoris with a straight face, "I want that fire spirit and want to ask you a favor."
The man took a step back. "Are you crazy? That fire spirit was specially sent by the demon Lord to be the heart of the array. How dare you make an idea of it? "
"What can’t I do?" Eta Ursae Majoris’s eyes flashed with murder. "The person who led me to discover the wooden spider code in those days was the demon Lord. If it wasn’t for his calculation, how could I be so ruined? Even if it was because of him, my future has been completely ruined."
The man’s eyes flashed when he heard this. "So you want to destroy the demon master’s plan and get back at him?"
"Yes," Eta Ursae Majoris took a step back and leaned against the stone behind him. "But the main purpose is to get the fire spirit. I know a way to raise or reshape the spirit root of the fire spirit. I am Shui Mu Shuang Ling Root, and that strange fire spirit just suits me."
The man sneered with sarcasm. "Are you sure you can escape the devil’s revenge?"
"I’m pretty sure that even if I don’t do anything, I’ll die this time." Eta Ursae Majoris sneered. "Don’t say that you don’t know what the devil told people to make that big array. If his plan is successful, everyone in the mountain area at sunset will die in that plan."
Wen Yan-nan curled his lips. "It seems that he is not sure about his plan."
Eta Ursae Majoris once again sneered, "The fire spirit mixed with the method to remove the pure wood, gas, wood and wood is too weak to reach the balance standard of five elements. Now, look at the cloud nine. Can people over there bring the Zongjiu to let him replace the wood spirit? The chances of success can be greater."
After hearing this, Hu Yingxue wondered what the expression would be when he found out that those people who were robbed by them were not living in Jiu, but living in the Temple of the Immortal Bones. I don’t know if they would be angry, anxious or frightened, but they would certainly be wonderful.
You know, Zongjiu and Zongsheng have nothing in common. Zongjiu owns Firewood Double Spirit Roots. It should be because Kirin Spirit Plant breeds thick wood and fine fire. Zongsheng was originally a fire spirit root, and it gained Thunder Spirit Roots after that disaster.
At this time, the man went on to say, "I really caught Zongjiu, and I guess I can’t be sent to the array. The lady has already released the words that Zongsheng and Zongjiu can be handled by her. Unless she doesn’t let him know, she will definitely follow her wishes. It’s a shame for a man to do this."
If Eta Ursae Majoris and Liu Yaoxin sit together, they will have a lot in common. They are both appearance-controlled. After listening to the man’s words, they immediately sneered, "As ugly as he is, at least there is a human appearance. He is a ghost. If he wakes up in a bed in the middle of the night and sees that he is timid, he will be scared to death. I wouldn’t blame his wife for disloyalty."
It seems that I think of the ugly man in front of me, and Eta Ursae Majoris quickly added, "Don’t think too much, you can’t talk about ugly words."
I was eavesdropping on Hu Yingxue and almost didn’t laugh. This Eta Ursae Majoris IQ is also urgent enough. Even if I didn’t think much about it, I must feel that this person is abandoning his ugliness and impatience.
But the man didn’t respond, but said, "What good can I get from helping you? You haven’t said a word yet?"
Eta Ursae Majoris also felt that his words were not appropriate. He was embarrassed to hear the other party say so. His eyes suddenly lit up. "I want you to help me get the fire spirit and help me escape successfully. Those things I hid before can be divided into half. You must know that I was a great elder of Penglai Xianzong, but it was not a particularly good thing. I can’t get into my eyes and no one dares to fool me."
Hearing this, the man replied with no joy, "I can consider it."
Eta Ursae Majoris smiled, "Don’t keep me waiting too long. Recently, people’s hearts have fluctuated greatly, but many people are willing to help me. I’m not as generous to others as I am to you." He turned his head and said, "I’ll go first and think it over."
After that, Eta Ursae Majoris disappeared, but the man who came with her didn’t leave and stayed there.
In a short time, an equally unattractive man came over. "What’s the taste of this wonderful fortune?"
Although the face doesn’t know this sound, Hu Yingxue feels very familiar with it.
The man who met Eta Ursae Majoris before responded, "What kind of happiness is this? Let’s just find a family, even a man is better looking than her. "
The sound is different from before, and Hu Ying Xueji, who just arrived, gives her a sense of familiarity. We can determine which two horses these two people are, and give them a sound, "Mo Chen Lan Yi, what are you doing?"
Hearing Hu Yingxue’s voice, Mo Chen turned his head, followed Hu Yingxue’s knowledge and found Hu Yingxue’s position on the spiritual line, and then replied, "You came soon."
Hu Ying Xueyin replied, "How could you not come here as soon as you received that news? When did you get mixed up in the hall of skeletons?"
Ink dust voice replied, "I’ve been in it for a few months. Lan Yi just got in, and I don’t know if our luck is good or bad. Xu Rui came here to perform the show and was chosen as a sacrifice. He is going to turn the time-lapse cracks here into a big one. At that time, the whole mountain area will be swallowed up by the time-lapse cracks."
Although I guessed Xu Ruimu before I came, listening to Mo Chen said it still made Hu Yingxue frown and continued to give Mo Chen a sound, "What method is he going to break the balance of those cracks?"
Ink dust voice replied, "Reversing the five elements to do this, he received five five elements of spirit: gold, wood, water, fire and earth, among which the fire spirit has evolved into a demon spirit, but some strange bodies actually have pure wood spirit, which should only be generated soon. The breath is very weak and the feeling may dissipate at any time."
Listening to Mo Chen’s strange fire spirit Hu Ying Snow Horse reminds me of a person who is Wan Wenbin’s little teacher younger brother Bi Jun.
Former Wan Wenbin and Hu Yingxue said that Bi Jun’s biological father was a rare spirit tree demon, and his biological mother was a demon spirit evolved from a fire spirit. Because Bi Jun’s parents were not worldly things, Bi Jun was not called a ghost mask because of his identity. When he fled, the fire demon spirit was given to Master Wan Wenbin by the tree demon.
After that, Wan Wenbin and his master never heard from Bijun’s parents again, so they must have been run. However, Hu Yingxue suspected that it was probably Bijun’s biological father who was around Zongsheng because she saw Bijun’s eyes on him more than once.
Hu Yingxue is not a good divination person. He didn’t deliberately inquire about the ritual of green protection. It was Zong Jiu who was beside the guardian of green protection. Feng Xue heard that the guardian of green protection was killed by the people in the temple of dead bones, so the people in the temple of dead bones had sworn enemies.