The ghost dressed in black took a faint look at Guo Yi, then rode the black unicorn and continued to walk towards the depths of the ancient city, leaving the dilapidated buildings all over the ground, and even the ancient roads were crushed and sunken with huge unicorn footprints.

After the Black Flame Kirin’s trip, a group of state spirits rushed to rebuild the broken streets and Gu Lou. It seems that this is not the first time they have done it. It seems that the Black Kirin has almost repaired the damaged city just after they passed by.
"It’s really cool!" Guo Yiwang already far black unicorn laughed
Mo Wen was still braving black smoke and ejected from the ground. His clothes were corroded and his hair stood upright. There was still a trace of shadows at the ends of his hair, just like a god of death.
"I’m so angry. It’s so rude for this little guy to sneak up on me without saying anything. If I fight head-on, I won’t lose to him … mom, I’m dressed!" Mo Wen is angry and scolds his mother.
Guo Yi said with a smile, "This person has achieved the second path of Tao, but also cultivated the Divine Method. Moreover, he just failed to repair it for three layers. Even if he plays head-on, you may not be his big opponent."
Mo Wen was just caught off guard and didn’t know that the other party was repairing. At this time, when he heard Guo Yi’s explanation, he suddenly became serious and knew that he underestimated his opponent.
"Is he the black ghost of the underworld?" Mo Wen muses.
Jade Beauty shook her head and said, "He is the younger brother of the black ghost. Black Ghost Xiu is one hundred times taller than him. He reached the realm of the ancient road master more than three years ago, but now he may not have reached the realm of the road master king."
Guo yi and Mo Wen are breath a mouthful of air conditioning holy teaching was extraordinary.
"How do you know so much?" Mo Wen some don’t believe it.
Jade beauty looked at him and then looked at Guo Yi. This just smiled. "Three years ago, the black ghost had been secretly to the emperor. At that time, the nether holy religion was not born, and I had once met him."
Guo Yi looked at her face carefully and laughed, always feeling that she still had something to say.
Chapter 629 Brothel boss is very arrogant
"Guo Yi" has been making a lot of noise in the windy city recently, and almost all the best brothels in the whole ancient city have been visited, and all the girls in these brothels have been redeemed, which is simply rich and romantic
Now there is the last spiritual brothel in the whole ancient city, "Flower Heart Building". Everyone agrees that he will do everything tonight. He feels that he still has a little bit of repair. The monks all came to the flower heart building early and stopped the flower girl waiting for the arrival of "Guo Yi" drinking sanhua.
It’s just after noon, and the flower heart building is full of people. The atmosphere is quite hot. A few hawkers have even put up bets and shouted. It’s really lively.
"Come on, let’s make a bet on whether Guo rogue will come to detain one for five tonight; Don’t bet five and lose one. "
Some people set a gambling table, so naturally, some people sit around and wait until late. What’s the point? It’s better to have fun for yourself. After the start of the gambling table, many star-level strong people have touched the stone bet, and of course, there is a way for the senior strong people to try their luck.
And Guo Yixiao came to the backyard of Huaxinlou.
"Feeling this brothel turned out to be you?" Guo Yidao
Hua Er’s building has lost a lot of weight, but it’s still not 500 pounds. It’s still rough when you walk.
"Eldest brother, you don’t know that people with no background have a bad business! I still think that the most important thing in this flesh business is money. First of all, there are many raw materials and the price to be paid is very cheap. You can make all the money without getting out of bed and stretching your legs, which not only entertains the public, but also satisfies the body and mind. Can you find such a good business everywhere? "
Guo Yi laughed. "You are really a bitch."
Hua Er Tower shook with awe. "You are wrong. In the eyes of the girls, I am their food and clothing parents. In the eyes of the guests, I know them better than their parents. Now there are nearly 300,000 large brothels in our flag, and the number of girls is hundreds of millions. This has only developed 500 large ancient cities in the state capital, and the number of them has increased by four digits almost every day. My goal is to become a monopoly in the northern wilderness in the next hundred years. When the power develops, it will move to a higher level, so that the daughters of those large families of Chinese princesses will also get a few to work in our flag
Hua Er Lou’s words are eloquent and ambitious, so that the jade beauty around Guo Yi heard it, but she really wanted to slap him. This bastard simply looked at the goddess too badly.
"Don’t you sell yourself?" Jade beauty face with anger.
Hua Er corridor "yes! But the so-called busking, not prostitution, is just buying … If you pay a high price, you can’t find one out of ten, and even if you are a good man and a woman, you will deteriorate sooner or later. You overestimate people’s minds. "
"Ahem" Guo Yi had a dry cough for two times. Don’t teach the jade beauty in Hua Er Building.
Hua Er building suddenly realized that Guo Yi nodded his head after hearing his dry cough, so he added, "For example, my boss’s mind is firm enough, right? Most of all, I was single-minded and unswerving to Liu Xian, but I suddenly changed my mind when I was moved by Su E’s sister-in-law. Now my persistence in that year has become bullshit. This is not because my mind is not strong enough, but because my heart is weak. It is said that there is no devoted man and no devoted woman in this world. If all multiple-choice questions can choose all the answers, who the fuck will go to the single choice? "
"Ahem" Guo Yi and dry cough two face some unnatural a fist to Hua Er building to fly out.
If he brainwashes Guo Yi again, he doubts that he will really agree with him. Now he finally knows that he can do such a big business. This guy estimates that he will wash everyone’s brains regularly.
Hua Er Building climbed up from the ground for a long time and laughed. "The words of the boss of occupational diseases were just blurted out for the girls."
"So you often use me as a negative example?" Guo Yidao
"No such thing, no such thing …" Hua Er Lou emphasized in a row.
Roaring noise out of a gas Yin shock!
Dozens of blue crazy pythons’ virtual shadows rose to the sky, and all the buildings in the flower heart building were thrown off. Two figures rushed out of the air of the mathematical method and shattered the ground.
At this time, it seems that someone has been fighting.
The fighting scene is quite fierce, and several temples, Yu Dou, will collapse. If they continue to fight, I’m afraid the whole flower heart building will be destroyed.
Is that fake Guo Yi already here?
"Don’t ruin my industry once." Hua Er Building was so anxious that it was about to cry. Every temple collapsed as if it would kill him. This was built by him.
"I’ll be the boss of this flower heart building for the time being!"
Guo Yi looked at Fang’s palm, and a huge Xuan fire palm print emerged, just like a cloud, which directly shot the two men and immediately took them to the ground.
One of these two men is a martial artist, and the other is an older Taoist master in the ancient road of Qing Soul.
They were fighting fiercely, but suddenly they were photographed and fell to the ground.
"Who attacked the old lady and wanted to die?" The old man of the Green Soul Ancient Road Field once again hit ninety-nine blue crazy pythons in the hands of the mud, hoping to teach Guo Yi a lesson first.