"Well," Le Xuewei nodded. Although the question is few, it is very important.

"Then listen to me first. It’s important for you to remember clearly." Han Chengyi rubbed her lip and missed kissing her.
Le Xuewei thinks it’s either a lover’s code, and she doesn’t mean to be his lover. She should have no problem with what is required. Sure enough, Han Chengyi’s bite is not false.
"First, when you stay with me, I want you to live with me, and I want to see you anytime and anywhere."
Le Xuewei nodded. What she said was that she followed him anyway. Do you still care if you live together?
"Second, I hope you can keep purity during this period together. I hate easy virtue women the most, okay?"
Le Xuewei nodded and went through the ritual. Now she’s with Han Chengyi. I’m afraid there won’t be any other men after her. This is of great significance to her.
"Third, you said the deadline … I haven’t decided yet."
LeXueWei looked up some worry "that how line? You always have to give me a deadline. If you haven’t thought about it, do I want to be with you? "
"11 thousand generation? Ha … Do you think you have that charm? " Han Chengyi couldn’t help laughing. Where did this girl’s confidence come from?
In a word, Le Xuewei’s face turned pale. Indeed, she thinks too highly of herself. Do you still want to be a generation as a lover? For a man like Han Chengyi, who neve lacks women, it’s a fantasy! I believe it won’t be long before he gets tired of her.
Han Chengyi has a panoramic view of her expression changes. How can this girl’s expression be so vivid? He has always been a cold and cheerless lover, and he has been held and respected by people since he was a child. Everything is novel to him.
Think she is so cute, I can’t help but think that Doby, her beautiful eyes of Han Chengyi, are hidden with a hint of no smile. "Let’s do it! When 10 thousand is enough at a time, you will be free. "
Section 14
"What?" Le Xuewei was shocked by Han Chengyi’s shameful words, but she was rapidly calculating to make a 10 thousand? Wouldn’t it take three years to do it every day? "That … how long will it take?"
"Think it’s been a long time?" Han Chengyi wanted to laugh at the bottom of my heart, and this girl was also the first one who complained for a long time with his woman. "Well, can I meet 10 thousand at a time?"
"You …" Han Chengyi words more and more can’t hear Le Xuewei blush with shame really can’t listen to "whatever! That’s it! "
"Ha ha" Han Chengyi is in a good mood at the moment, bowing his head and holding Le Xuewei’s ear with the tip of his tongue in her ear. "Still shy?" Have you forgotten the first time we had six jobs a night? "
He is extremely skilled in walking around her, seemingly gentle but extremely aggressive, and he stayed considerate when passing through her Butterfly Valley.
"Well …"
Han Chengyi carefully LeXueWei but still physical weakness a soft feet fell on his chest.
Han Chengyi frowned and asked, "Still no strength at all?"
"Well," the body seems to be fine, but Le Xuewei admitted it as he said before she was ready to devote herself at this time.
"Then forget it." Han Chengyi let Le Xuewei and the sick and wounded do that. He was not in the mood.
"Take good care of it. You won’t go to the company during this period. Just when I’m going back to China, you stay here and wait for me to come back."
Han Chengyi left the city on the day he lost this sentence. His main battlefield is in China, including the entire D&S group industrial chain, and his center of gravity is also in China. Le Xuewei has also reported that he has seen all-powerful people in China. Why should he expand his career to the city?
Although the city is not a small place, it can’t be compared with the country.
At this point, Le Xuewei can’t figure it out.
However, what surprised her even more was that the place where she was now turned out to be Banxia Villa!
It turned out that she was an ordinary property of Han Chengyi, but when Han Chengyi left the first day, she went upstairs and saw the magnificent scenery of the villa with her own eyes, and she was puzzled, so she casually asked the housekeeper where this is.
So the housekeeper smiled and told her, "Miss, this is the Pinellia Mountain Villa, the ancestral home of Han family. Besides you, Sanshao has never brought any other girls back."
"Ahem ….." Le Xuewei was choked by a mouthful of juice. The big cough was more than a rapid heartbeat …
When Han Chengyi left the city, he said that he would come back in a week or so, but Le Xuewei stayed in the villa for half a month and he didn’t come back.
I’m almost done with my back injury. Le Xuewei was chatting in the villa and wanted to go out for some air, but she was stopped by the housekeeper just after she left the house gate.
Shao Shu, the housekeeper, is a middle-aged man with a kind appearance and a kind attitude. When she heard that Le Xuewei was going out, she didn’t stop her. She said, "Miss, wait a moment. I’ll ask Mr. Ni for instructions."
The housekeeper said that Mr. Ni was Han Chengyi’s confidant Ni Jun.
After asking for instructions, it turned out that Le Xuewei could go out, but she had to be followed by bodyguards. Finally, Le Xuewei sat in a Mercedes-Benz RV with a black line and was’ served’ by the driver and bodyguards and left the villa.
Le Xuewei went directly to the school. She asked the driver to park his car far away from the school gate and walk there by himself.
She came to the dormitory to pack things, and the dormitory could not live. According to Han Chengyi’s request, she had to live with him.
Is to pick up the best friend Ruan Danning came in and took a look at the two suitcases and asked in surprise, "Xue Wei, what are you doing? Is this going to move? "
"Dandan" Le Xuewei has accumulated so many days of grievances and finally found the object to talk to. She threw herself into Ruan Danning’s arms and cried, "Dandan, I have to go. Take good care of yourself after you! Blare … "
"Oh, don’t hold so tight. It’s killing me! Where are you moving to? Your company is so well paid to arrange a dormitory for you? " Ruan Danning abandon push Le Xuewei push found this girl a full face of tears really crying!
"Xue Wei, what’s wrong with you …?"
"I you listen to me …" Le Xuewei wronged Ruan Danning to sit.
The fact that she followed Han Chengyi can’t be told to outsiders, but it doesn’t include Ruan Danning. Although Ruan Danning is careless, she is her best friend, and she is very reliable at all times.
"Nima!" Ruan Danning listened to the rage "have to make wrong! Qu Liyang is a beast! "
Look at the crying LeXueWei hate iron not to produce scold a way "why are you crying? You are wronged! I told you, Quliyang is not a good thing. How can you trust him? What’s in this brain? Oh, I am really angry with you! "
"Danny, don’t scold me. I’m already miserable. I’m afraid."
Le Xuewei’s injustice is really pitiful. Ruan Danning Nai shook her head and hugged her to comfort and said, "Well, I won’t scold you and don’t cry. What’s the fear now? Well, Han Chengyi … I don’t know how to say it, poor child. Come on, don’t cry. Who said you had nothing? You still have me and grandma! "
"Hmm" Le Xuewei nodded with tears. Yes, she still has a grandmother! No matter how hard life is, she must insist on going. Grandma depends on her!
"By the way, I can’t connect you these days. President Joe came to see you again." Ruan Danning helped her wipe away tears and said.
Le Xuewei’s face froze. "What does he want with me?"
"I don’t know! We all wondered why President Joe came to see you every three days. You can’t really blame that video, can you? Well, it’s not his turn, is it up to the dean? Is he so idle as a principal? "
"No matter him" Le Xuewei shook her head absently. She didn’t want to hear Qiao Wandong’s name now.
Packed up the luggage Ruan Danning has been sending Le Xuewei to the car. Ruan Danning was a little scared when he saw the bodyguards and drivers. He took Le Xuewei and said, "Xue Wei, be careful. This Han Chengyi is not easy to mess with!"
Le Xuewei smiled bitterly. "I know how dare I provoke him?"
When the car drove out of school, Le Xuewei leaned back and heard the bodyguard talking.
"Brother Jun went to school and met a female classmate. No one else is now returning to the villa. Miss Lu is fine. It’s okay. Brother Jun can rest assured."
Le Xuewei felt very tired, slept and rested. The phone rang in his pocket and took it out. It was Qiao Wandong who cut off the words without a moment’s hesitation. Turn to the setting column and set Qiao Wandong’s number as a blacklist.
It’s too late. It’s a foregone conclusion …
Chapter 24 The girl wakes up early.
On this afternoon, Le Xuewei just got up after taking a nap and felt thirsty. She wanted to drink water and went upstairs in her pajamas. According to the experience these days, people usually don’t wander around the main building at this time.
Le Xuewei went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water and prepared for Lou Xuan’s door suddenly.
Ni Jun came in first, and then Han Chengyi stepped on the floor with his iconic tall and straight posture. He came back! What should Le Xuewei do when she is surprised? You have to go through the living room to get to the building, but now she’s dressed like this!
Why did you come back at this time?
Han Chengyi didn’t notice that Le Xuewei’s look was very serious and cold, and the light in his eyes suggested that he was in a bad mood at the moment. A pair of heavy eyebrows tightened more gloomy than usual and shouted "Come in!"
Then a young man followed Han Chengyi into the living room.
This man looks like Han Chengyi in seven points, and he is almost on a par with him, but obviously he is much younger. He looks like he is in his early twenties, with a youthful face and bruises on his eyes and corners of his mouth.
This young man is Han Chengyi’s nephew Han Tianlei.